Why Business Security Is Important For Business Growth

It may sound weird but according to business strategists and market researchers, more than 30% of business failures are due to different kinds of criminal activities. A business-facing visible and invisible criminal activities cannot grow or stay in the competition for a long time. This is high time that every small, medium, or big business house take this matter seriously. If the data available is to believe, even today majority of organizations are not so serious in installing or upgrading the security systems. They are not ready to invest in this technology being unaware of the fact that technologies like video analytic system can save their hard-earned reputation and revenues. Such loss of revenues can count in millions of dollars in the long-run and the loss of reputation or goodwill is unrepairable. 

Business Security Measures

There are several ways in which a business can take comprehensive security measures, let’s have a look:

  • Security cameras 

Any kind of business, even the small retailers are benefitted from surveillance cameras. These cameras can keep an eye on the employees as also serve as a deterrent to criminals. Having surveillance cameras makes criminals alert and they avoid those properties in fear of being caught. Security cameras offer peace of mind to business owners. Many systems in this domain are now remotely operatable. Surveillance cameras having AI embedded technology for auto-detection of trespassers or switching on the alarm in case the system finds suspicious activities. Connecting the system with a video monitoring system, everything can be recorded and analyzed later. This video analytic system can save a business in many ways. 

  • Identity verification system 

For a business where confidentiality is paramount, an identity verification system is important. Many businesses installing identity verification systems at the entry door as well to take notice of everyone entering and exiting from the premises. This prevents unauthorized people from entering the business premises or sudden part of it. In this upgraded system, identity verification is automated with AI and other related technologies. There are four ways of installing the system: the employees sweep their registered ID card, employees press PIN given to them that are different for different employees, the system opens the door only after biometric recognition of an employee’s fingerprints or face, or identity is verified through a photo identification system. 

  • Alarm system

This system is important for different reasons. When the prime concern is damage to the business, it can happen through criminal activity or fire. These days alarm systems are also much upgraded and integrated. This system can be integrated with the surveillance cameras so that alarms start ringing when the camera finds anything suspicious. Alarms are now available in wireless systems as well that can be operated from remote places with the help of a smartphone app. 

Damage to a business can originate in different forms 

No one can predict how the loss of security can decay the growth of a business. It can be external or internal, it can be vivid sabotage or loss of workhours, or it can be an external attack at night or wrongdoing of an apparently loyal employee. 

Forays, vandalism, sabotage, and treason are common occurrences these days but pathetically most of these illegal activities go unnoticed to the upper management at the initial stages. When caught or noticed, that could be too late. Million-dollar assets may have been damaged, machinery and tools are stolen or damaged, or final outputs are filched or destroyed by then leaving the business completely disarrayed. 

The only solution in this condition is the proper implementation of the business security system. Installation of such a system needs some investment but in the long run, it’s good for the business. 

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