Why Are Gun Safes Heavy? And What Is Their Actual Weight?

When it comes to protecting your documents, a safe should be your go-to item. There are many gun safes on the market that are a great fit for this task. However, it is vital to note the type and features you need for your safe gun.

Some of these tools include potable ones, bedside safes, large and small safes, and wall safes. Usually, many people get dragged by gun safes with a funky look and don’t mind their weight and purpose.

Although people go for the funky features of the safe and forget about its weight, a sturdy gun safe weighs over 1,000 pounds. It also depends on its size and shape. Here are key attributes that may go a long way in helping you know the actual weight of a gun safe and its security levels. If you want to learn more about gun safety then visit this page.

Factors That Determines a Gun Safe Weight

Gun safes are known to be heavy, simple, and plain and can fit in any room of your home or office. Since there are small and larger sizes of it, you should choose one that is a good fit for you. Several factors may help you determine the right gun safe weight:


Safe weight is a crucial aspect that helps you know the type of material and item you are working with. Typically, it’s proven that an entry-level gun safe weighs up to 600 pounds. The medium-range can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

The high-end ones go to a weight of up to 1,600 pounds. There are also commercial grades that weigh between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds. The items may also differ in weight depending on the number of guns you choose.


Many people assume that the bigger the safe is, the heavier it is. That is not the case. It depends on the type and amount of steel in its making. For instance, a high-quality gun safe has more steel, shelves, and ample fireboard, so it’s likely to be heavy and reliable. Though safety comes in multiple sizes, manufacturers use the same concept to make even the smallest of them all.

Safe Design

People have different tastes and designs, so whatever design you like may not be a cup of tea for another person. Safe design variations contribute to the weight of the safe. Some designs may include an additional layer of steel, composite liners, or concrete mixtures. The effects and materials increase the weight and price of the safe.

Steel Capacity

If you went to a chemistry class, then you definitely know about the properties of steel metal. Just a quick reminder, this material is strong, has an extra hardness, and does not corrode. Those are just a few features that make it a perfect fit for a gun safe.

Though steel is light naturally, it’s stronger and elongated enough to get to the needed shape. Many gun safe manufacturers add several steel gauges to have a thicker block. Usually, the less steel, the lighter it becomes, so they put up to 10 to 14 gauges to create a strong body. This process forms a consistent and strong body that enhances the safety of your items.

Insulated Fireboard Layers

Fire accidents are common and can occur at any time and anywhere. Some of the top-quality safes are glammed with fire-protective insulators that protect your valuable items from flames and heat.

Some gun-safe models have multiple layers of fireboards, making them reliable and safer. These additional features increase the actual weight of a safe. Therefore, it can be said that the more layers it has for fire protection, the heavier it becomes.

Final Words

A safe is an important item that guarantees your valuable safety from people and other outside forces, such as fire. This item may seem heavy, but it has a strong purpose to protect and remain strong for a long time.

Though some gun safes are costly and others affordable, they all come with significant features that make each brand or safe stand out. Stronger and heavier gun safes are more durable and reliable in all situations. Now that you’ve learned the right weight for a gun safe, find one that works for you.

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