Why Are Distillate Syringes Better Than Using A Smoking Pipe?

Traditionally, we need a roll of tissue paper and a sander to consume marijuana. But what if things could be much easier? For example, if you use a vape pen or even simpler device: THC distillate syringe Canada has legalized this type of cannabis consumption for several years. Let’s talk about this invention in more detail because this is a thing that can diversify your experience of using marijuana and make it even more intense and vibrant.

What Is a Distillate Syringe? How Is It Different from a Pipe?

A distillate syringe is a unique syringe filled with vaping liquid. The liquid is a distilled marilate, a purified juice concentrate ready to be consumed. The syringe is ready to use; it cannot be recharged or refilled after the liquid ends. However, you can go to Shop Vapes and buy several flavors at once.

The vape syringe differs from a smoking pipe and weed roll-ups not only structurally. The difference is in some other points as well:

  • Cannabis purification rate. A 100% purified base is offered as a liquid.
  • Pleasant taste sensations. The liquid is offered in more than 20 different flavors: pie, cherry, orange, mango, cake, and much more.
  • Compactness. Take the vape on your trip. No special preparations are required.
  • Instant effect. The effect of the vape is felt in a minute. In comparison, other marijuana-based products bring the effect in 20 to 45 minutes.

In addition, using cannabis in vape-gadgets is recognized in Canada as a safer form of consumption.

Is It Safe to Use a Distillate Syringe?

The liquid is cleaned. This deprives it of impurities hazardous to health. The client receives only pleasant sensations and a positive effect on psychological and physical health.

At the same time, when using the distillate, you don’t encounter combustion products, dangerous resins, and don’t clog your lungs. It turns out that the distillate syringe has more benefits and less risk.

Of course, you need to draw conclusions based on your own experience, and you will understand why everything said above is pure, like 100% distillate.

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