Why 3D Animated Explainer Videos are Effective

If you’re into digital marketing, you’d know that 3D animation explainer videos are all the rage these days. It doesn’t matter if you run a large or small business, these videos can help you with your marketing strategy. You’ll find that the main reason these videos are growing popularity is that they’re entertaining.

Think about it, so many brands use display ads these days to promote their products. But how many of their viewers find these ads entertaining? Sure, the focus of your ads should be on educating customers about your products and services. But, that doesn’t mean your ads should be dull and entertaining.

But, that isn’t the only reason we say 3D animated videos are effective. We have a few more reasons outlined here to help you understand why you should use 3D animated videos.

What is a 3D Animated Explainer Video?

If you’re not sure what a 3D animated explainer video is, we’re here to help. To understand what it is, first think back to what display ads are. The regular display ads you see are made up of 2D images.

While these images could be intriguing to your viewers, they don’t always make a big impression on them. One reason for this could be that your audience views static ads online every day. So, when they come across your ads online, they tend to brush them aside or worse, ignore them.

3D animation videos contain 3-dimensional images of the product you’re selling. So, they allow your viewers to understand how your product might look and feel. The product you’re selling online shouldn’t matter here. What matters is how well you craft the video to engage your audience.

How do create effective 3D animation videos? 

It’s possible you don’t have the expertise to create these videos in your company. After all, these videos aren’t easy to create and often need considerable skill. Sure, you can find studios willing to create these videos without breaking the bank. But, it’s always better for you to opt for a local studio even if it’s a little costly.

Luckily, you’ll find 3D animation studios in pretty much every state these days. New York animation studios are some of the best in the business and for good reason. These studios understand what your brand and products are all about. So, they create animated videos that aren’t generic but reflect your brand voice.

Let’s take you through some of the best features of these animated studios:

  • They have the equipment you’d need for creating animated videos 
  • They have the operators needed to handle the equipment 
  • These studios work with you closely to reflect your brand voice

Now let’s discuss some of the reasons why 3D animated videos are more effective than static display ads.

They Drive User Engagement

The biggest reason for you to use 3D animated videos for marketing is they drive user engagement. Think about it, most users online don’t want to be bombarded with too much text. When was the last time you sat through a lengthy blog post detailing the features of a product?

Do you think you’d be more likely to sit through a 2-minute video with the same content? If you’re like most people, you’d take the video over a lengthy blog post. And why shouldn’t you opt for viewing a 3D animated video? After all, these videos are often more entertaining than the posts you read online.

So, it figures that your audience will also be more likely to watch these videos when they come across them. If your video is entertaining and well-made, your audience will sit through it. It’s up to you to pack in enough information within a minute or two to put your point across.

If your viewers like what they see, they’d be more likely to check out your website and products. You can see how this will help you improve your click-through rate (CTR) in the long run.

They Help Establish Your Online Presence

If you’re a new brand, you may want to make users aware of your presence online. Even if you’ve been around for a while and haven’t sold products online, you need to establish your brand presence. This is why 3D animation videos can help you make your mark.

Through these videos, you can teach your viewers what your brand stands for. These videos can help you convey much more than the features of one product. They help you lay bare the story of your company for all to see. In doing so, 3D animation online allows you to establish an online presence.

The 3D animation software you use for these videos should accommodate this. It should be as good at portraying abstract concepts as it is with products. So, you should take your time choosing one if you want a successful online marketing campaign.

These are some of the ways you can establish your brand presence with a 3D animation studio:

  • Create videos that tell customers your brand story 
  • Talk about the main features of your products and services using animation 
  • Allow your customers to know how your products can benefit them 

You can place your 3D animation anywhere you like: on your site or other platforms. You could post these videos on your social media to establish a strong presence there. Or, you could post them as ads on other sites to direct customers toward your site.

You could even place them on your landing page to keep your viewers entertained.

They Help You Save on Costs

Sure, it can be costly to create 3D animation in the initial stages. This is especially true if you use expensive 3D animation software for the same. But, think of it this way, you likely won’t be spending on good software more than once. So, it would make sense for you to invest in good 3D animation software from the get-go.

One of the best things about using 3D animated videos is that you don’t have to update them often. The opposite is true as updating them may detract from your marketing campaign. Instead, you should use a degree of consistency with your 3D animation online.

But, you should remember a few things when you want to create animation studios:

  • You must remember to follow the same animation style when creating these videos. 
  • Your audience should be able to identify your brand and products when they watch these videos. 
  • Don’t delete these videos if you want old customers to identify your brand easily.

They can stay on your social media channels and website for as long as you want. In this way, they can keep winning you customers for as long as they’re up.


You can now see why 3D animation would be great for your brand. What better way can you think of to engage your customers online? But, you should use good 3D animation software if you want these videos to turn out well. After all, you’ll be spending considerable time and money on making them.

Also, if you’re working with a 3D animation studio, remember not to use generic videos. Instead, craft videos that can reflect what your brand is all about.

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