When Is The Ideal Time For Tree Removal?

Property owners want landscaping that is beautiful and healthy. If trees are dying or unhealthy, they must be removed from the property to prevent issues with surrounding plants and trees. A common dilemma property owners face is not knowing when to take on the task. 

It is recommended that the property owner reviews the growth patterns of the tree and determines if their roots are creating underlying problems. Tree removal is complex, and property owners need professionals to manage the job for them.  

When it comes to tree removal, it’s important to work with a trusted and professional tree service. At Progressive Tree Service, we have a dedicated team of experts ready to handle your tree care needs. Whether you’re dealing with hazardous trees, overgrown branches, or simply need a comprehensive tree assessment, our experienced arborists are here to assist you. Visit Progressive Tree Service to learn more about our range of tree services and how we can help maintain the health and safety of your outdoor space

When Should You Remove Trees?

According to arborists and tree experts, the best time to remove trees from a yard is in the winter. At this point, the trees are dormant, and unhealthy trees are dead and easier to remove. Experts have several additional reasons for removing the trees during this time. Property owners who want to set up tree removal services start by scheduling an appointment for tree service Chilliwack now. 

Identifying the ideal time for tree removal is essential to maintain the health and aesthetics of your landscape. Various signs indicate the need for removing a tree, such as disease, damage, or inconvenience caused by the tree’s location.

If you’re uncertain about whether or not a tree on your property should be removed, consulting with professional arborists is advisable. Visit this page to seek expert advice and services for accurate evaluation and proficient tree removal if necessary.

a chainsaw cutting off a limb from a pine tree

The Risk of Decaying and Dying Trees

In the winter months, decaying or dying trees present more risks to the property and the property owner. Winter brings snow and heavy precipitation, and this often leads to too much weight on the tree branches. As more weight is applied, the tree branches are more likely to break. This means they could fall in the yard and damage automobiles, hit a person in the yard, or land on the home or another building.

The location of the tree is another factor in winter. If the tree branches break too close to utility lines, they could fall on the lines and knock out the power or the phone lines. This presents a risk to the property owner and everyone in their neighborhood. Damaged utility lines take a long time to repair, and the entire neighborhood could face a power outage or won’t have phone services until the lines have been repaired. 

How Dying Trees Affect Other Plants

A damaged tree or even tree stumps don’t continue to grow properly and could present a risk to surrounding landscaping. They could prevent the other plants from gaining access to nutrients and food sources the plants need to thrive. If another healthy tree is nearby, this could present a serious issue during the winter.

Trees are dormant in winter and have stored up all the primary nutrients they will get until spring. This causes structural problems for other trees if a dying tree is preventing the trees from thriving. The trees could become unhealthy. Winter is a better choice for removing the trees that aren’t thriving and clears the path for healthier trees. 

a large excavator pulling up tree branches and brush

Benefits of Removing Tree Roots

A dead tree will still have roots that flow throughout the yard. Since the surrounding plants aren’t growing, winter gives the property owner a better chance to dig up the roots without disturbing the growth of other plants.

The ground is easier to dig up without causing damage to lawns, and the property owner won’t have to replant grass any time soon. This could provide them with more effective services and decrease the total cost of the tree removal services.  

Property owners must remove any dying or damaged trees from their yards. The unhealthy trees present a multitude of problems that include property damage and personal injuries. The trees could also cause surrounding plants and trees to die. By reviewing the best times to set up tree removal, property owners complete the task and protect other plants and trees in their yards.  

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