What We Know About The CW’s Batwoman

There are a lot of great shows on the CW featuring DC characters. We’ve seen a great number of crossovers in the Arrowverse over the years, but a new vanguard is entering the mix. That may very well be led by two women. Superwoman, who is already making a big impact on the network and its host of characters, and Batwoman, who comes to the CW this fall. What can we expect from the new show? Well, here is what we know about the CW’s Batwoman.

What We Know about Batwoman

There are quite a few questions in the air about Batwoman, but here’s the background on the character. Batwoman is an interesting new hero to introduce to the Arrowverse because of her unique outlook on things. She also has a diverse background, and makes for a much needed change in the Arrowverse. So, who is Batwoman, and what do we know about her?

Who is Batwoman?

Batwoman is known as Kate Kane, a wealthy heiress to a military mogul. When she becomes disconnected with justice after being kicked out of West Point, she decides to use her expert military training and mental resources to fight crime.

Who inspires her to do this? Batman, of course! The Caped Crusader is fighting crime and she becomes enamored with the idea of doing the same. She works independent of Batman, but on her own, she has grown to be quite a popular character. Kate Kane is set to be played in the show by Ruby Rose, of Orange is the New Black fame.

When Did Batwoman Debut?

Batwoman is a relatively new character. In 2006, Batwoman debuted in the seventh week of DC’s weekly comic book series. Her introduction came as Batman was missing during the Infinite Crisis storyline that covered literally every DC character. Her personal traits make her a modern hero. She’s a lesbian, which to this day draws scrutiny and protest, but also heaps of praise. She’s also Jewish, which makes her more unique and diverse as well.

Her TV debut will be during the Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds.” She’ll star in her own show later this year. The major crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths will also be a place for her to shine and start showing her impact on the Arrowverse. With the Flash recently airing its season finale and Arrow ending next year, she’s likely to be a huge part of the future of the CW’s Arrowverse. Moving forward, we don’t know much about what the show will handle, but we do know a bit of what might come up thanks to the comics.

Major Plot Points in the Batwoman Comics

Batwoman has seen a lot of action in the comics for being so new to the DC world. Something to look out for will be Kate Kane’s unique outlook on things. Much like Batman, she hates working with others and embodies a major loner vibe.

This isn’t bad since she’s trained to handle just about anything on her own. That will make it difficult, however, to team up with other CW heroes during the next Crisis. We do know a bit about what it takes to get her to work in a team thanks to a popular comic series run.

In Detective Comics (vol. 1) #939-940, we see Kate Kane team up with Batman and the Bat-Family, which shows us her ability to work in a team. Her knowledge and experiences make a great assist to Batman’s grit and gruff style, and it’s nice to see her use what she knows to fill in the limitations of others. They don’t work great together often, and even in this run, we see Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne butt heads a ton.

Because of Kate’s knowledge thanks to military training and her father’s vast array of tools and resources, she often thinks she knows best. Maybe she does, but for a major Crisis in the DC Arrowverse, she’s going to need to get along with others. She might push back, but when the inevitable disappearance of Arrow occurs, she’ll really need to rely on her fellow heroes. Which should be difficult, but necessary for the iconic female hero.

When Can We Expect Batwoman on the CW?

Well, we don’t know for sure when the show will air, but it will be this fall. That means we’re not far from seeing Kate Kane in the DC Arrowverse. For all things superheroes and comic books, make sure to keep an eye on Comic Years for the latest news!

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