What To Know About Truck Accidents In California

Truck accidents are a common occurrence in California. Most often, they are the result of poor judgment and negligence. Truck drivers who do not operate their vehicles in a safe manner, trucking company owners that fail to ensure safe operations, and drivers of passenger vehicles that fail to share the road with trucks all contribute to the number of truck accidents.

Any large trucks and transport vehicles like delivery trucks need to acquire an exclusive license for commercial truck driving before hitting West Covina, California Virginia roadways. 26,000 pounds vehicles, with at least 15 passengers or hazardous transport materials, are only operated by drivers with a commercial driver’s license. 

Drivers of commercial trucks go through additional evaluation and training before they can obtain a commercial driver’s license. The tests include equipment performance, basic skills, general knowledge and other specific exams. All commercial drivers should pass the CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) road test to verify that they are credible enough to hit the road.

Commercial Truck Accidents in West Covina, California

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Businesses rely on trucks to transport goods and services throughout the country. As a result, there are plenty of big rigs on the road in California every day. Unfortunately, these large trucks can cause serious injuries when they crash into smaller vehicles. The main reason to Why Get A Personal Injury Attorney is to make things easier for you after an accident.  If you have been injured by a large truck in an accident in California, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other damages. 

Regardless of the additional operations and safety training required to commercial drivers, there are still thousands of accidents that involve trucks and heavy vehicles. Some accidents cause injury and sometimes death. Due to the average size of a commercial truck, the damages and injuries it can cause are severe.

Here are common causes of truck accidents:

The Truck Driver Overfatigue

According to Federal regulations, there is a limit to the amount of time a driver can drive per week. The maximum number of hours allowed for a trucker to drive is 11 hours after a 10 hours off-duty. With this kind of regulation, it helps in preventing driver tiredness and fatigue. Also, drivers must get sufficient sleep to recharge their bodies. 

The scheduled routes are thousands of miles and even experienced drivers get tired with the ride.

Improper Truck Maintenance

Other common causes of truck accidents are improper truck maintenance. It is the trucking company’s responsibility to have proper maintenance of their vehicles. However, some companies are providing negligent maintenance in their vehicles.

Thorough maintenance checks need proper documentation, and the truck company is responsible for any accidents caused by faulty equipment. Any equipment malfunctions are the trucking company’s responsibility.  

Equipment Failure

The same with other average vehicles, equipment failure also occurs to commercial trucks. Sometimes, poorly constructed roads and unpredictable weather conditions cause damage to trucks. Weather like snow is extremely dangerous for large vehicles.

Distracted Driving

Truckers usually spend a long time on the road. They are often assigned to uncommon locations with less traffic that tempt them to multitask. Though there is less traffic in some areas, drivers still need to have their full attention on the road to avoid any danger.

Mobile phones are one of the common causes of distracted driving. Texting, talking or even pressing direction in the GPS are the common actions that distract the driver’s eyes off the road.

Texting Truck Driver

In different places, texting while driving is prohibited and is against the law. All drivers are banned from using their mobile phones while driving. However, even if the law disapproves of it, some truckers still use their phones for texting while driving. Texting while driving heightens the risk of getting involved in an accident. There is an adequate increase of danger if texting and fatigue are combined.

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Why Get A Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury attorneys help you process a truck accident lawsuit. It’s helpful to know what a personal injury attorney can do for you. There are instances that may process an insurance claim on your own for auto accidents, but that’s impossible for a truck accident.

Trucking accidents can be complex and the injuries involved can be lethal. There are different regulations to be considered in a trucking accident and usually involves many parties.  Going through the process alone brings confusion and burden. On top of that, accidents that involve large trucks often lead to lifetime injuries and death.

An experienced injury attorney will help you prove the fault and determine who will pay and how much the damages would be. Remember, insurance companies will always make a way to give you lesser claims and that’s why they have their own set of legal councils to work things out in their favor.


Road accidents are inevitable, however, with carelessness and negligence, it increases the risk of wasting human lives. Though there are preventive measures that will help avoid accidents. Some companies and truck drivers neglect proper decorum for safety. While it’s essential to understand the specifics of truck accidents in California, it’s equally important for truck operators across the country to be well-insured. For instance, a Hot Shot Insurance in Ohio plan can offer substantial financial protection and peace of mind.

Were you injured in a truck accident? If so, it is likely that the truck driver was at fault. Most of the time, if the driver of a commercial vehicle loses control of their truck or trailer, the injured party can sue the driver, their employer, and potentially even the company that manufactured the defective part or product. The only way to get compensated for your injuries is to talk to a knowledgeable Personal Injury Lawyer from Lem Garcia Law!


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