What Is PRINCE2 Certification? Basics, Skills, and Careers

PRINCE2 certification can help you be a better IT project manager
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Projects in Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 is a globally accepted Project Management methodology. PRINCE2 is an organized Project Management technique that is helpful for managing, controlling, and organizing all kinds of projects within a controlled environment. PRINCE2 certification works as a guide for repetitive and easy delivery of projects. We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of PRINCE2 and what makes it popular among teams. Read on to know more. 

You will also be able to decide whether PRINCE2 is the ideal approach for your projects or not. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the topics we will be discussing on this page: 

  1. Basics of PRINCE2 
  2. Levels of PRINCE2 Certification Exam  
  3. Important skills you can obtain through PRINCE2 Certification  
  4. Career Path after PRINCE2 
  5. Conclusion  

Basics of PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 project management is a systematic and goal-oriented approach. It allows professionals to control each and every aspect of the project from the beginning to end. So, professionals can plan each process according to a clear structure that is laid down beforehand. Upon the conclusion of the project, professionals can wrap up any unfinished tasks.  

The PRINCE2 methodology originated in the 1980s. The objective was to ease out the task of IT project management for the government of U.K. Some of the fundamentals of PRINCE2 are as follows: 


The requirements of each project should be made clear. Besides, the factors like cost assessment, specific consumer name, and benefits of the project should be mentioned clearly. 


During the entire PRINCE2 procedure, each lesson is recorded after its final delivery. Consequently, it helps to reduce the chances of setbacks in the future.  

Delegation of responsibility and authority 

Each member of the team should be aware of their responsibility. The delegation of responsibility and authority should be carried out in an equal manner.  


PRINCE2 procedures should be divided into different work stages which include- monthly reviews and lessons. The objective is to ensure the projects’ stages can comply with their final objectives.  

Quality control  

A quality register is necessary to check the quality of deliverables. The goal is to compare the deliverables with the standards or requirements.  

Customized approach  

The framework of the PRINCE2 method should align with the requirements of each project and its client. For example, it should be tailored to fit into the changing sizes and volumes of the project. It also takes into account factors such as delegation, number of team members involved, work package, and so on.  

Is obtaining a PRINCE2 Certification worth your time and money? Yes, you should obtain your PRINCE2 Certification right away due to the following reasons: 

  1. You’ll be able to brush up on skills such as project management procedures, framework, methodology, and systems.  
  2. The certification is accepted all over the world.  
  3. Get recognized by experts in the industry. PMP certified project managers are approved for up to 80% of well-known projects.  
  4. Get an opportunity to build a network with industry experts in the field of IT, telecom, internet, commerce, research, finance, business processing, to name a few.  

Levels of PRINCE2 Certification Exam 

The four stages of PRINCE2 Certification Exam are as follows: 

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation 
  2. PRINCE2 Practitioner 
  3. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation 
  4. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner  

Registered practitioners should renew their PRINCE2 Certification after three years.  

Important skills you can obtain through PRINCE2 Certification  

Want to become a PRINCE2 Professional? Let’s take at some of the skillsets you may require: 

  1. Interactive prototyping 
  2. Data analysis 
  3. Interactive prototyping  
  4. Strengthened leadership attributes 
  5. Dispute resolution 
  6. Team building  
  7. Ability to organise 
  8. Good communication skills and analytical skills 
  9. Ability to work in teams 
  10. Displaying a positive attitude  
  11. Ability to multitask 
  12. Ability to minimise risks through proper analysis 
  13. Better management of stakeholders  

Career Path after PRINCE2  

  1. Senior Manager 
  2. Techno Functional Consultant 
  3. Technical Project Manager 
  4. Project Manager 
  5. Service Delivery Manager 
  6. General Manager Projects 
  7. JAVA Project Manager  
  8. Global Security Services Specialist- APMP/PRINCE2 
  9. Project Analyst-PMO 
  10. Test Manager- PRINCE2/ISTQB/PMP 
  11. Project Coordinator- PMP/PRINCE2 
  12. Technical Project Manager- PRINCE2/ PMP 
  13. Program Manager- Scrum Master 
  14. Telecom Certification Project Manager 
  15. Application Development Manager 
  16. Lead Trainer 
  17. Project Planning Head  
  18. Business Program Manager 
  19. Cloud Service Management Architect  


There are several MNCs that are willing to recruit PRINCE2 Certified Professionals such as Capgemini, HCL Technologies, Shell, TCS, IBM, Cognizant, Ericsson, Accenture, and so forth. There are more Benefits Of PRINCE2® in the project management field. So, to ensure successful delivery of projects you can register for PRINCE2 certification accredited by Axelos which can provide an in-depth knowledge about Project Management methodologies. 

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