What Could Be Holding You Back From Career Progression

Do you find yourself in a career rut? Many people find themselves stuck and unable to progress in their careers, which can be incredibly frustrating and could impact just about every aspect of your life. When moving ahead, you are developing new skills, improving your confidence and earning more money amongst many other benefits. So, what could be holding you back from career progression?

Lack of Initiative

One of the most common reasons that people do not progress their career is that they do not show initiative. It is hard to stand out from the crowd, impress your boss and show your potential when you are simply doing the bare minimum and not going the extra mile, so start showing more initiative at work and good things should start to happen. Additionally, do not shy away from making your aspirations to progress your career known to your boss – sometimes you need to let them know so that they can advise and keep you in mind.

Low Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem and self-confidence can hold you back from doing great things in both your personal and professional life. Those with low self-esteem and low confidence can affect your work so that you miss opportunities, such as not coming forward with new ideas.  It could negatively impact your performance in certain aspects. It is hard, but working on your self-esteem and confidence is important and will change your life in many different ways.

Personal Issues

People try to keep their personal life from impacting their work life, but this is not always possible (especially when working remotely like many are doing right now). Relationship difficulties, family problems, health issues and other issues can all impact your performance, and this could be holding you back. Obviously, it is important to solve these issues for your own life, but it could also help you to improve and progress your career too. If going through a divorce, for example, then you should seek legal counsel from experienced divorce solicitors that will be able to guide you through the process and reduce stress.

Lack of Passion

It is hard to be motivated, show initiative and stand out at work if you have no passion for what you do. If you have no passion and you cannot muster the energy to throw yourself into your work, it could be a sign that you are in the wrong career.

These are a few of the most common reasons that people get stuck in a rut at work and are unable to develop in their career. Addressing these areas could help you to stand out and progress your career, plus it could also help in other areas of your life too.

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