What Car Cover Is Right For You And Your Vehicle?

You are still an inexperienced car owner and do not know which car covers you need, although you have definitely decided that you will definitely get “clothes” for your new pet? No problem! The choice of car covers is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance, the main thing is to decide on several parameters and answer yourself a number of questions, what do you expect from the purchase on carcover.com.

Do you want covers for your car model or do you prefer universal capes of excellent quality?

What material should be your best car covers: practical eco-leather, inexpensive leatherette, cozy tweed, reliable and easy-to-care polyester, luxurious fur, unpretentious, but nice velour or beautiful and pleasant to the touch car cover? What type of covers are you interested in classic covers, t-shirt covers, capes?

Each of these items has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s so easy to say which covers for the car are better, it is impossible. Everyone chooses, starting from which criteria are more important for him, as well as focusing on the state of his wallet. Although even the most expensive cases have a couple of their “minuses”.

For example, stunning fur covers look simply gorgeous, but in the summer they are better to replace with something less warming. And genuine leather with all its “pluses” is expensive and does not always live up to expectations.

The lion’s share of car covers on the market belongs to the category of budget options. Such models have a lot of advantages, which primarily include the low price. Yes, they are short-lived. But there is nothing eternal at all, and the cost of the covers of the affordable segment allows you to replace them every two to three years, without making a breach in the budget.

In principle, the price of one standard set of covers is comparable in one family trip to the cinema, so you can even change it twice a year, but this is not necessary.

A car often becomes a second home, so many tend to give maximum comfort to their four-wheeled friend, preferring covers made of genuine leather or fur, or choose car cover company if they like more restrained, but no less high-quality and tactilely pleasant materials.

Yes, it will cost a lot more. But how will the interior of the usual “car” be transformed! The mid-budget model will immediately begin to look luxurious and prestigious, not to mention the fact that it is generally not accepted to save money on covers of luxury cars. But the main thing that you should pay attention to is the size of the car covers. Because the main thing is that the covers fit in size, otherwise even the most beautiful “clothes” will look mediocre.

How much is a car cover

Faux leather and faux fur are cheaper, have advantages and disadvantages inherent in artificial materials, but they look much more impressive compared to other fabrics. The list of imperfections in eco-leather is much shorter than that of other artificial materials, and the list of advantages is much larger. Together with affordable price, this makes it one of the most popular materials.

Jacquard covers are created by weaving synthetic and natural threads, characterized by a relief pattern that resembles a tapestry, and durability. Jacquard belongs to expensive fabrics, therefore, covers from it can hardly be classified as budget ones. But they are strong, durable, very convenient to use. Auto-velour is appreciated for its good design qualities, wear resistance, elasticity and all-weather season. Despite the fact that only a few manufacturers in the world make this auto-velour and its production is quite time-consuming, velour covers are considered an affordable accessory.

And of course, buying a cover for a car in an online store is much more profitable than in a stationary car dealership or in the market. Firstly, on online sites, there is always a wider assortment, and secondly, even taking into account delivery, online stores can offer a price lower than their offline counterparts. And thirdly, it is advisable to buy from the manufacturer.

Universal seat covers – your choice of seat protection

A protective seat cover is an ideal accessory for vehicle owners who need an extra layer of protection for the front and/or rear seats. If you are transporting children in the cabin, you are well aware that even after short trips on the seats, stubborn stains from juices, chocolate or ice cream may appear. However, even if your child does not chew and does not drink anything while you take him to kindergarten, this does not mean that he will not have felt-tip pens, fountain pens or even mother’s lipstick, so recklessly forgotten by her within the reach of the child. Modern dry cleaners are able to cope with the results of children’s art, however, they have negative aspects:

this is an additional financial cost, which with regular transportation of children will become regular; for the duration of the car’s dry cleaning, you have to do without it; frequent exposure to aggressive chemicals negatively affects the appearance of the material and lead to its rapid wear.

The problem is solved by a set of seat covers. Despite the fact that they take the entire blow on the spots and pollution, being a removable accessory, the capes are freely placed in the drum of a household washing machine, where they can be washed in a gentle mode at low temperatures.

This is a more gentle method compared to dry cleaning. Thus, not only the service life of the original seat trim is extended, but also the covers themselves. Yes, the wraps wear out over time, but this is precisely what their purpose is to wear out themselves, preventing seat wear, since buying new covers is much cheaper than replacing the upholstery once every few years.


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