What Are The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying WOW Level Boosts?

If you look online for advice for playing World of Warcraft, you quickly figure out the fact that there is a huge debate among players when it comes to level boosting. The practice is so much more common than what many believe.

There are countless players that have many characters that were boosted. This is because of the different advantages associated with level boosts WOW characters. Both them and others that never used a level boost debate if the practice is a good idea or not. Fortunately, this is a debate that is very simple to solve.

WOW Level Boost Advantages

By far the biggest advantage of WOW level boosting is that you get to start playing a character that is at maximum level. You do not have to level up, which is one of the most time-consuming activities in the game. You should never underestimate how long it takes to level up since you can end up spending days playing the game to do so.

Another advantage is that you can get access to really good gear. There are numerous boosting services that allow you to choose what gear you will receive when the boosting is over. This means that you can end up with the best possible gear that is accessible for players. Such a thing would not be possible if you were to level up yourself unless there is a strong guild that can help you out.

WOW Level Boost Disadvantages

One of the controversial disadvantages that are mentioned is that when you receive a character that is at maximum level, you will not know how to play it because you are not used to skills. This is mostly incorrect. Statistics showed the fact that there is no difference in skill between someone that received a maximum level character from a booster and someone that did it himself. In fact, getting used to all the skills just takes a day or two.

Another thing that cannot be dismissed is that you have to pay for the time of the booster. You cannot get the character for free and if you want the best possible gear, you end up paying more than you would expect. Even so, if we are to factor the fact that leveling up also costs money since you pay monthly memberships, internet, and utility bills, the money is not that much more.

The only real disadvantage that can be mentioned and that you will care about is that you will still have to do some of the quests in the main storyline so that you get specific abilities you normally get as you level up. Boosters do not use quests for leveling up so you have to factor that in.

Final Thoughts

No matter how we put it, level up in World of Warcraft is quite time-consuming. You spend a lot more time doing this than what a booster does. It is oftentimes much better to get the level boost unless you really want to see the main storyline in WOW.

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