What Are AAA Games

AAA is a term, which is used informally. Nowadays it’s the main characteristic of the products of the most popular companies with great reputation. Still, it should be noted that the development demands huge investments. So this factor is one of the main disadvantages of these games.

The term AAA itself is widely used. AAA games are produced by the companies, knows all over the world thanks to its great reputation. The development of every project demands a lot of money, which is also needed for high-quality advertisement. Modern aaa games are variable and among them can be found really great variants.

What are AAA games

Nowadays the developers say that there are two main categories of games. First category is indie. Such games are produces by small companies and are much cheaper. So such games are produces by the companies with limited budget. AAA games are expensive. Still, there are indie games, which are produced with high budget.

How are produced AAA games

If you plan to develop your project further, you will have to create a website for yourself. On it you can post updates, patches, etc. The site is also an excellent public relations tool. Any game is first of all created for the player. So it’s very important to get good opinion and great reviews. All the pros and cons at a glance of the games would be on the surface at once. So it’s rather important to pay attention to all the details. Even if they seemed to be not so important before.

Video game development is a very complicated process. There are certain game development stages to be taken into consideration, such as:


At the design stage, figuratively speaking, the foundation is laid for the future game. It is necessary to determine the purpose of the game and the means of its creation. The goal of the game is understood as what the developer wants to get from the game and what the player will strive for in the game.


Most developers are of the opinion that the game is more a creative process than a scientific one. And it’s hard to disagree with this, because most of the development time of the game is occupied by the creative process.


Further, virtual spaces are being developed – locations (levels) where the action of the game will develop. In connection with the increased capabilities of personal computers, developers began to make one large level in which all actions take place.


Next, animation is created for game objects that will move. This is a time-consuming and painstaking process, because a lot of movements are required for a realistic animation of a game character or an enemy.

Visual effects

Next comes the development of visual special effects. Roughly speaking, this is animation, but instead of moving objects, it uses particle movement.


At the end of the graphical stage, the game menu and user interface (GUI – Graphical User Interface) are designed. The first impression of the game is created by the menu, therefore, in no case should this component be neglected. 

How did it all start?

Can it then be argued that the whole problem of modern games is to reduce testing time or its complete absence? And the main evil to declare the banal greed of developers / publishers who tried to save money on everything that was possible? Or in the desire of the publisher to release the game as soon as possible, and only then bring it to a normal, from a technical point of view, state?

This assumption has a right to exist. Moreover, in a number of cases this became one of the factors that seriously affected the quality of the final product.

After all, but the rule of the market “make it cheaper and sell more expensive” has not yet been canceled. But to say that this phenomenon is massive is impossible. Especially when it comes to projects of the AAA level. Such games are made and developed by serious development studios, and are financed by large investment companies. For many of them, reputation is still important. And we all know very well that her reputation cannot be bought for any money. And if you lose, then instantly and forever.

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