Webinars – An Effective Way To Study Or Wasting Time?

The internet has had its fair opportunity of serving the people in the blink of an eye. Whether providing free spins to play or providing essential study material for students to prepare for their exams, the internet and its capabilities are stretching more rapidly. Though zoom calls or duo calls are basically used for business meetings and other work, webinars and classroom applications provide a common ground for students to learn and study from their house. A webinar is a term used to define a seminar that takes place online. All that a student wants is a laptop and an active internet to attend these webinars. 

Due to the current pandemic situation prevailing all around the globe, many schools and colleges remain shut. This has provided an opportunity or a gateway for an even better possibility of connecting to students through online sessions and classrooms. Though webinars can be a recent addition to the process of teaching, as days pass, it is proving to be more efficient. Some of the best features that make a webinar efficient are

#1 Confident and straightforward interactions

Webinars allow students from different parts of the city, town or even state to connect onto a single platform. There are a lot of students who might feel shy to raise a question in front of a crowd of fellow students. Moreover, this insecurity can affect the student and block his knowledge or doubts from being cleared. With webinars, though, students feel more confident talking and interacting with their teachers as they are in their own safe place, and there is no one to judge them. 

#2 Cost-effective process

Attending a webinar is the most cost-effective process when compared to going to classes, paying for books and hostel money, etc. With webinars, people can sit at home and be flexible with attending classes more efficiently. Students can even download reading material from the webinar pages if they miss out on a session. All that is needed is a computer or a laptop with an active internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

#3 Wide range of courses

Students are often not given the course they want to study mainly because the university or the college does not provide them or is not available. Moreover, the system might be limited according to the specifics of a university or college. With Webinars, students are offered a wide range of courses to choose from and enable them to focus more by selecting their desired classes. 

#4 More flexible

Webinars are considered more flexible as a teacher could start a webinar from home, library or a cafe with their desired time. Once the timing and the subject are notified to the students, they can flexibly adjust their personal timings and attend the classes. This is an excellent way of allowing people to schedule their individual tasks accordingly. This process cannot be achieved in a typical college or classroom setup. 

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