Tour Route Through Unique Landmarks In Bilbao

In recent years, the rise of tourism in the Basque Country and the evolution of its cities have meant that they have changed in many aspects. However, traveling to Euskadi means visiting places that are very easily recognizable. And this time we propose a route through Bilbao on foot. By the way, if you’re going to have a tour of Bilbao either on foot, by car, or a bike, we recommend you consult free tour Bilbao for free walking tips. 

The route to the most emblematic landmarks of Bilbao

Below you can see the route through Bilbao on foot that we recommend if you wish to see all the buildings in Bilbao in a single day. You wouldn’t have to go around more than is strictly necessary. And if you prefer to get around by bike instead of walking, there are also guided bike routes that will take you to these places that we recommend and many more.

  • the best advice will be to start in San Mamés (1);
  • and from San Mamés, go down towards the estuary and, taking a walk, you will find the Iberdrola Tower (2) and the University of Deusto (3), just before reaching the Guggenheim Museum (4);
  • from there, leave the estuary to stroll through the widening and reach the Carlton Hotel (5) and continue towards the Ibaigane Palace (6);
  • then cross to the other shore to see the Bilbao City Hall (7);
  • cross the Arenal to the Arriaga Theater (8);
  • and continue along the Nervión (or Ibaizabal to be more correct) to the Mercado de la Ribera (9);
  • now you only have to cross the Casco Viejo and go up to the Basilica of Begoña (10). 

According to Google Maps, this route to the 10 most emblematic places in Bilbao does not even take an hour and a half of walking. But keep in mind that there is a lot to see. 

What’s the best place to see in Bilbao?

The Basilica of Our Lady of Begoña stands at the top, presiding over Bilbao from one of the highest points. Its bell tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The particular Bilbao orography, however, means that from the Casco Viejo there is only one point from which it can be seen. We challenge you to find that little corner. A hint: it is marked on the ground with a star. From there you can see the Basilica of Begoña de Bilbao.

The interior of the Basilica of Begoña is very curious since the temple dates from the 16th century and was built thanks to donations from the people of Bilbao. However, the Napoleonic army, the Carlist wars, the Civil War, and even lightning have given it a hard time throughout its history, forcing numerous reconstructions. Of course, the original aspect has always been respected (as far as possible).

What’s the weather in Bilbao like?

Something that many travelers ask is what the weather is like in Bilbao. And adjusting as closely as possible to reality, we will tell you that the weather is variable, but usually around 18 to 31 degrees Celsius. You may wake up to a radiant sun, then it rains a little, and then it’s sunny again.

Final Thoughts 

These are essential places to visit in Bilbao and by seeing them once, you will not doubt which city you are in. The list of special places in Bilbao could be very long, but we wanted to reduce it to ten so as not to get too long. 

As you know Bilbao belongs to the province of Vizcaya (Bizkaia) so after doing this route, we recommend you go see Gaztelugatxe, which is a spectacular place.

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