Top Video Editing Apps For Kids

When it comes down to writing narratives, organizing productions, and creating storyboards, video editing apps for kids prove to be quite engaging. It has to be kept in mind that these skills are conceptual that contemporary schools encourage students to learn.

Nowadays, kids are quite familiar with the use of smartphones and tablet PCs when it comes to creating breathtaking videos that never fail to impress. It has to be realized that video creation is something that comes naturally to the new generation of students. Thus, video intro makers can be a great way to make learning more exciting and release pressure from the shoulder of teachers. Video creation is an excellent way to ensure the learning accountability of individual students. Read here as we list down some of the top video editing apps for kids. 

LEGO Movie Maker App

This app is exclusively meant for the iOS platform, and you can find it in iTunes. It is one of the best applications that will help your kid in the creation of stop-motion animation. Through this application, it will be possible in beholding the photographs of LEGO characters and buildings. It will help to convert them into animated stop motions in a fun-filled and streamlined way right away from the smartphone. It will be possible to use this app for solo projects, or your kid can use it with the whole family.


The application is prevalent among beginners, but it is only available for the iOS platform. Through this app, you can upload videos, photos, and music into three fancy collages. It will guide you through all of the organizing material and provide you with tools for manipulating the project to become entertaining. If your kid is looking for something that is excellent pass time and fun-filled, then PicPlayPost is the perfect option. 

Microsoft Movie Maker

It is one of the most accessible desktop movie maker applications that one can use. The good thing about it is its simplicity yet effectiveness. Video editing and movie making become a collation of a few practical steps with this application. When compared to professional systems, this application is fun to use. The application is one of the best when it comes down to cutting and arranging of footage, music, titles, and simple transitions that will never come to the notice of the audience. The Microsoft Movie Maker does not come preinstalled with Windows 10.

However, you can download it from the official site of Microsoft. There are some predefined steps that you have to follow to get this app in your system. It does not matter whether you have scaled up to the new Windows 10 or purchased a computer that had windows ten by default. You can always take the help of instructional videos available on YouTube on the way of doing it.   

FlimoraGo Video and Movie Editor

It is one of the best apps for video editing that your child can use as he or she grows. Through this app, you can add multiple layers of video and sound effects. It would help if you did not take for granted its simplicity. It has several powerful tools that professionals and amateurs will be benefited from.

Filmora is one of the best tools for primary uses when it comes to creating great memories from a family vacation to editing videos for YouTube. You can count on it. It has a decent user interface clad with different features making it a useful tool for beginners.    


Through this app, kids can embark on the creation of their cartoons. Being a powerful and engaging storytelling tool, it is loaded with built-in support, feature-sharing options, and banks on animation that are self-created and provides narrative for storytelling. Toontastic 3D provides an easy yet simple way of dealing with complicated processes when it comes to the creation of animated short movies. 

The app lets you choose the setting and characters of each scene and animate them by shuffling them around. The app provides a walkthrough for the kids to start with its usage. It explains with great accuracy the elementary features of the app in an engaging way.

With this outro maker, students will be able to maneuver characters at will and equip them with voice and narration. Toontastic helps you create a standard story template that will guide students through the basic elements of the plot while creating an animation story.


This app is exclusively meant for the iOS platform, and you can only use it on iPhone, iPad, and MAC. When it comes to making beautiful HD movies, few apps can be compared to it. The videos that have been taken by your kid can be edited with this fast and fun moviemaking app. It will help you to put everything that you need right at the tip of your fingers. Apart from the basic video editing tools, it also allows you to browse and play projects in Marquee’s view. It becomes a matter of a few minutes to create a video and share it on different social media platforms straight from the iMovie app.

Shadow Puppet Edu

When it comes to making engaging slideshows and presentations, Shadow Puppet Edu can help you to deal with sound clips, voiceovers, videos, and photos. It will be possible for users to start new presentations and select from a broad library of visual content. The app will also let you add animated text and background music and record them as you go through the presentation, insert comments on the images in front of them, and use annotative tools for rendering visual feedback and providing the look and feel of physical interaction. Sometimes rending can take a while so it’s worth looking into render farm.


The list of video making and editing apps for kids is not limited to the options shown so far in the article. Besides these video editing apps, there are also other easy to use online tools for creating videos, such as It all comes down to the level of personalization that each app allows. When a suitable choice is in the making, it will require patience and a profound understanding of your needs. You may also have to take into consideration the platform and the purpose of making a video.  Go here to discover more great options.

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