Top Online File Converters You Should Use

We often need to change one type of file into a different kind for various reasons. Maybe you want to convert video into another format, PDF into Doc. or vice versa. Online file converters are very effective and useful in this regard. They offer the best opportunity for those who want to change their file formats in minimum time without errors.

There are many online file converters which are free and very efficient to use. You can make different file conversions with these converters, which are helpful for those who need to change formats regularly. Here we are going to discuss some of the most widely used, reliable and best online file converters which allow you to change the format of your document in a fantastic way.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat software is a powerful tool for creating and editing PDFs. It has several editing tools that make it easy to insert graphics and text into your documents and make corrections if needed. You can also use the software to convert existing documents into PDF format so they can be used on any computer without losing any formatting or other information contained within the document itself. With Adobe Acrobat, you can compress, convert, password protect, merge, and even split a PDF file into multiple documents.

It is the most reliable and top-class file converter through which you can change the format of multiple files with much ease and convenience. It supports many files to convert them into your desired format while the speed is fantastic.

By going to the main page of this free converter, you can choose the videos, images, documents, PDF files and many other things to change them into another setup. The procedure of converting file is effortless where you need to choose file n the main page and then select your target format. After this, you need to select the Start Now option and the procedure will start.


It is a powerful and widely used online, which is highly used to convert PDF into a word document. It supports many other formats, too, while the setup changing procedure is straightforward. You can turn the videos, audios, images, eBooks and many other forms with quick speed and reliable results.

The speed and performance of zamzar are excellent because of which it is widely used and gives the best user satisfaction. You have to follow few easy steps which include the selection of file or URL, choose the format in which you want to convert the file, give your email and click on the convert option to start the process in seconds.

Foxy Utils

The file conversion has become more comfortable, quick and efficient with Foxy Utils, which is among the best online free file converters. The speed is excellent where you will get the converted files without any issue or error in very less time.

The batch processing features of this file converter are which are very useful. You can convert multiple files with much effectiveness with Foxy Utils after paying for it. To use this converter, you have to sign in with your email address. The procedure is highly convenient and fast while offering the best output.


Conversion is the perfect choice to convert many types of the file into your desired format very quickly and easily. It is a highly reliable way which allows you to change the file format in no time. Its approach, capabilities, and performance are out-classed.

One of the catchiest features of Convertio is that you can convert more than one file at one time easily as there is an option available Choose More Files after you choose the one. The changed files can be saved in Google drive or dropbox by downloading them one by one, or you can also download a Zip file containing are the converted files.


This online file converter is famous for converting videos into different formats, but many other files can also be converted. You can easily convert the webpage, images, eBooks, documents and many other forms into a different one. It supports a lot of video formats which allow people to convert any video in any format according to their needs. You can change not only the video format but also the size of the video easily. It is an efficient and reliable free converter with a simple user interface.

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