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Working as a pharmacist in Dubai can be attractive in many ways. And it’s not just about the high salary, which will be significantly higher than in other countries. Dubai has a large, dynamically developing medical sector with a wide range of clinics, hospitals, and other medical centers, which can create optimal conditions for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, there will be plenty of vacancies for pharmacists in Dubai on Layboard and other platforms, which we will discuss below. 

Much will depend on the employer of your choice, but the smooth infrastructure of this place and its modernity cannot but please the eye. Moreover, if you are a valuable employee, you will be offered good conditions. If you manage to get a job as a pharmacist, you can increase your experience and skills. However, do not expect an easy way out, because the process of obtaining a license to practice this kind of activity will take time and require your efforts. 

Popular sites with vacancies

If you have a degree and feel attracted to the profession of pharmacist, we recommend that you start looking for vacancies. Visit various websites to study the market and familiarize yourself with current offers. Don’t be afraid to spend time searching, because it will benefit you, allowing you to compare conditions, salary, favorable bonuses, etc. that each employer determines independently. 

Here are the sites with vacancies that you can use:

  1. – this site is one of the most popular in the Middle East region for job search, including the pharmaceutical sector.
  2. – this site specializes in finding jobs in the Middle East, including in the field of pharmacy and medicine.
  3. – allows representatives of different cities to quickly search and see a variety of offers. The modern interface won’t take you long to figure out, so it will save you time and provide comfort.
  4. Monster Gulf – this site operates in several countries in the Middle East and helps workers find jobs in various industries, including pharmacy.
  5. Dubizzle Jobs – this site provides a job search among local jobs in Dubai, including the pharmaceutical sector.
  6. – this site offers job searches for pharmacists and other medical professionals in different countries, including the United Arab Emirates.
  7. – on, employment in Dubai for pharmacists is one of the popular job categories that can be found in the search results.
  8. LinkedIn – the most popular professional network where you can also find jobs in the field of pharmacy in Dubai.

How should you prepare for interviews?

All future employees, regardless of the country where they plan to work, should be treated with responsibility, manners, seriousness, and respect. You should not neglect other people’s time and efforts. Moral qualities are important in any case. 

A pharmacist is a health-related profession. So, expect serious selection criteria. Especially when it comes to such a civilized and well-established country as Dubai. It is important to be not only professional and trained but also organized. Employers are looking for people who can keep things tidy and fulfill their duties thoroughly. If you have already found a job, this is not a reason to relax, because in certain cases, work contracts can be terminated, and it will not end well for the employee if it happened through his or her fault. 

Medicine is a topic that will always be relevant. To understand pharmaceuticals, you need not only to get a higher education but also to continue your studies even afterward. The fact is that modern methods of treatment and techniques are constantly evolving, so medical professionals need to keep up with the times. Moreover, the employer is guaranteed to appreciate your desire and commitment to improving your skills. At the same time, you can expect career growth and a good recommendation from your employer if your contract expires. 

Don’t forget the importance of the first steps. If you don’t have a resume yet, make sure you get one. To do this, prepare all the necessary material. You can prepare a resume yourself or contact specialists who have experience in this area. If you decide to create it yourself, look at the ready-made examples of other people on the Internet. Once you understand what it should look like, you will have a better idea of how to design everything. It’s important to take your time and do everything well, with the same font and a certain style. Write in English if you want to apply for a job in Dubai. Attach a high-quality photo of yourself, where your face is visible. It should be taken in a formal style. You can use special programs, including free ones, to create your resume. 


Working as a pharmacist in Dubai can be very rewarding, as it is a city of great opportunities, and therefore a large number of vacancies. We recommend applying to several websites that are popular and contain vacancies in your specialization. We have already described the proven options above.  

Create a profile on the website. On many platforms, you can not only create an account but also add your resume so that potential employers can read it on their own and send their offers. Don’t forget about search filters, as they make life easier. With their help, users can filter parameters such as salary, company size, conditions, job category, etc. In this case, the page will not show jobs that do not suit you. You can save your search queries, as you will most likely spend several days (and sometimes even more) looking at job openings.

Apply to employers whose activities you have already familiarized yourself with. If you are invited for an interview, be sure to prepare. Do not forget about all your achievements, experience, and knowledge, as this is important for pharmaceutical companies. After you have completed the first stages, do not forget that you will have documents to review and prepare.

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