Top 5 Most Popular Female Russian Streamers

With the development of game streaming, tens of thousands of players have gained wide popularity: schoolchildren from remote places, Hollywood stars, Youtube showmen, and eSports professionals. Now, female streamers aren’t unusual. They are playing better and better, drawing a big audience of viewers. Someone attracts people with an awesome game, and the other – with a charming smile. Anyway, so many people want to watch the play of girls.

Interesting fact: according to statistics, more viewers are collected by those streams, where the image from the webcam is displayed on the screen, that is, those live transmissions where streamers show their face and emotions. Girls learned to use it like nobody else.

Nowadays, game streaming is all the rage. It isn’t surprising that, every day, there are more and more streamers, including girls. However, women’s streams still remain one of the most controversial aspects of this phenomenon – girls are often accused of focusing the viewer’s attention on their physical characteristics, and not on the quality of skills. Without considering it to be something bad, we’ve compiled a list of 5 sexiest Russian streamers.

Karina Sycheva

Twitch: sharishaxd
Vkontakte: shkuragaming
Instagram: sharishanya

The first spot, of course, goes to the most famous streamer in Russia. Her income from donations during the stream is simply shocking: people are lining up to make donations! Because of her abandoned behavior and bright appearance, Karina has been targeted by hundreds of memes and viral videos. She doesn’t hesitate to use obscene language towards her teammates, spectators, and just game mechanics. Thousands of people can watch her stream at the same time. This is the national recognition, isn’t it?

Anastasia Ferz

Twitch: nastyaferz
Vkontakte: nastyaferz

Anastasia obviously demonstrates that a game on the women’s stream isn’t just an addition to the webcam. This girl often takes the lead of her team, inspiring all the players to win. Her favorite game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Also, this beautiful girl regularly raffles various expensive items from the game among the spectators.

Polina Komarova

Twitch: fletcheriii
Vkontakte: fletcheriii
Instagram: pkomarova

Polina is a 19-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk with a charming voice. She is vastly different from the other participants of this list in her modest manners – she never curses, just giggles embarrassedly at nonsense, and calls her viewers “patties” She plays Hearthstone (a card game from the Warcraft universe) at a level above the average. Interestingly, with all her cuteness, Polina studies such a severe specialization as “applied mathematics.”

Elena Samko

Twitch: samko_cosplay
Vkontakte: samkocosplay
Instagram: samkocosplay

Elena Samko is a streamer, but she pays more attention to cosplaying the characters from various games, films, and universes. She considers herself the most “frightening” cosplayer, as she loves horror, terrifying makeup and clothes. Also, it’s known that she independently develops and creates her own costumes and gets very upset when most attention is attracted by the images in which viewers can see her breasts. In her portfolio, you can find a lot of amazing cosplays.

Anna Ananikova

Twitch: ant1ka
Vkontakte: ant1ka
Instagram: ant1ka.cs

Anna Ananikova is one of the most famous players and four-time world champion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. She played in the RES gaming team (ex-Secret) from September 1, 2016, to April 5, 2018. It’s her brother who has passed the love of CS to Anna, but her hobbies don’t end here: she loves music, walks, and dances.

Her main streams are CS and the rhythm game Osu. Also, she has successfully broadcasted Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and one series of Dead Space. During her streams, Anna can talk on almost any topic and also give advice on CS: GO to newcomer players.

As you can see, Russian girls aren’t only sexy streamers but also good players. If you want to have such an interesting girl, you can find a single girl looking for a boyfriend. She will be a great companion for playing games and bring love into your life.

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