Top 4 Guy Tips When Buying Make-Up Products For Their Girlfriend

While gifting is typical in relationships, not everyone is good at buying gifts. One way of ensuring that you have bought a gift that your lover will appreciate is by identifying what they like. You can indirectly ask them about what they have always wished to have but haven’t been able to buy for themselves or observe their tastes and preferences when you go shopping.

If your girlfriend loves make- up, buying her make-up as a gift is a perfect surprise gift as it is one of the things, she would least expect you to buy. Many online shops sell make-up products at lower prices, thanks to great deals like online coupons and voucher codes. However, you should proceed with caution when buying make-up as there are numerous brands and types. Below are some factors to consider when buying make-up as a gift for your girlfriend.

Her preferred make-up types

The numerous varieties available online make online shopping a challenge for buyers who have not yet determined the exact item to buy. Since different women wear varying types of make-up, it is advisable to identify your girlfriend’s preferred type before you go shopping. You must have also seen the brand name if you have been dating her for a while.

While buying what she uses is the surest option, you can go overboard and buy her a new product that she has not tried before. However, you must ensure that the product is of the same type as the one she uses but of a similar or higher quality.

Her Complexion

Another thing you should be aware of when buying make-up for your girlfriend is that the best make-up for an individual varies depending on their skin complexion. You should ensure that the foundation or concealer you choose is good for skin complexion because buying the wrong type will be a waste of money since she cannot use it.

Start with categorizing her skin as black, white or brown. Each of these color categories also have different shades, which you can quickly identify by the color numbers on her make-up products. You can also get help from the retailer if you have a clear photo of your sweetheart. 

Her Skin Type

Skin type also plays a vital role in determining the best make-up products for a girl. Your girl skin can be normal, dry or oily, and each type has its special make-up products. For example, make-up products for dry skin are made with ingredients that will keep the skin from drying by retaining its moisture. On the other hand, make-up products for oily skin have ingredients that help minimize oiliness by stripping the oil from the skin.

Using a make-up product meant for a different skin type can have adverse effects, like breakouts, on your girlfriend’s face. Therefore, you should ask her what her skin type is or secretly read it from her products before buying them.

Whether her skin is sensitive

Since most make-up products are made using chemicals, the possibility of having allergic reactions is high if you use the wrong product on your skin. Common skin problems caused by wrong make-up products include red spots, itching skin, excessive drying, and drying. One way of avoiding these problems is choosing green make-up. Your lady will also be interested in trying a natural product and loving it if the results are satisfactory. Green make-up products are expensive, but great deals like an online coupon code can help you buy a green make-up product at an affordable price.


Choosing make-up as a guy is not easy, especially as a man. The above tips will help you choose a make-up product that your girlfriend will like. You can save some money if you look for a top retailer coupon code like the Sephora Promo Code UAE. 

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