Top 3 Innovative Ways To Study The Pythagoras Theorem

One of the most important topics related to right-angled triangles that are introduced to children is the Pythagoras Theorem. This is an easy theorem to understand with a wide range of real-life applications. If kids have a clear understanding of the Pythagoras Theorem, they will find it simpler to progress on to more complicated topics such as Geometry and Trigonometry. In this article, we will look at different ways that can help kids in their studying process. 

1. Generate Interest 

One of the major problems that kids have to face is being motivated to study. The normal school curriculum provides a very monotonous and mundane way of studying a subject. Thus, kids lose interest very fast, resulting in them not being able to understand what they are studying. Eventually, this turns into fear of the subject. To avoid this, it is good practice to move out of the world of gaining bookish knowledge. While studying a topic, you can try to find fun facts related to that chapter. You can also give a quick read through the pages of history that can give you an idea of how the Pythagoras Theorem came into existence.

A fun fact associated with the topic is that even though this theorem is credited to the Greek Philosopher and Mathematician Pythagoras (570 – 500 BCE) however, there has been evidence found that suggests otherwise. The Babylonians and Indians have documentation of this theorem much before Pythagoras’s name got attached to it. Thus, reading about facts other than what is given in books not only improves your level of engagement but can work to expand your general knowledge.

2. Visual Simulations 

Pythagoras Theorem forms a part of Geometry. The best way to study this topic is by using visual aids and interactive graphics. It is easier to assimilate a topic when you associate it with certain fun visuals. You can watch educational videos online. In addition to this, if you have experience with coding, you can create a simple program to find any side of a right triangle based on this formula.

Successful execution of your code implies that you understand the concept and could implement a program based on it. This also helps you to increase your visualization skills. It not only helps you in learning about Pythagoras Theorem but also can be applied to other chapters.

3. External Help

When learning any Mathematical topic, it is necessary that a child follows a well-organized curriculum so that he doesn’t get confused while studying. It can be hard for a child to do this on his own. In such a situation, it is best if he takes the help of a good institution such as Cuemath. Cuemath is a fantastic online educational platform that helps kids focus on developing their conceptual understanding of a particular mathematical topic.

The certified tutors use a vast plethora of resources such as interactive worksheets, online math games, puzzles, apps, and visual simulations to teach the Cuemath live online classes. They allow children to work at a pace that is comfortable to them and combine fun with learning. Thus, taking external help from a coaching institution can prove to be very beneficial for a student. 


All topics of Mathematics are interlinked, and hence, it is necessary to get a deep-seated knowledge of each subject so that you do not face any troubles as you move to higher grades. Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into how to study the Pythagoras Theorem, and I wish you all the best.

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