Tips In Finding The Most Popular Bitcoin-Friendly Online Casinos For 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for the majority of the cryptocurrency market, the reason why it is the most popular of its kind. This paved the way for many avenues to open and accept BTC as payment, including online casinos.

Before you play, make sure that you search about the top sites where you can have fun without worrying if they are legit or not. It is not surprising that many online gambling sites, such as Oshi casino and the likes, accept BTC transactions and bets. Playing is also made simple, so you won’t have difficulty adjusting to the changes once you have signed up.

If you are still hesitant about using BTC in playing online casinos, you may want to check out different sites, such as, related blogs, and other write-ups about the topic, to find out more about it.

For starters, you need to know the essence of BTC, where and how you can use it, how you can set up a wallet, and how to keep your BTC safe.

Finding the Best Online Casino Sites

Here are some factors you need to look into when searching for online casinos where you can play using Bitcoins:

1. Efficient customer service

Since the transactions you do that involve BTC are irreversible, you will need all the help you can get, especially when you are still new in the gameplay. It is crucial to find sites with valued customer support available anytime you need them and wherever you are.

Efficient customer support from an online casino will answer all your queries whenever you have one. They will also give you the right BTC address to ensure you’d be making the proper deposits once you have decided to play.

2. Compatibility with various wallets and exchange platforms

Before you can use BTC for online gambling, you will need a wallet or exchange to deal with the transactions. While you can find various crypto exchanges online, not all those can be used for online gambling.

Certain online casinos that accept BTC as payment provide specific requirements on how you can use exchanges and wallets. Some casinos only allow the processing of static crypto wallets and do not accept exchange transactions. If you have an exchange account and still want to play, you must first transfer your BTC to a wallet, which could then be processed by the online casinos you intend to join.

The better option is to find online casinos that accept both forms of BTC payment to ease your worries.

3. Hybrid Bitcoin casinos

There are generally two types of online casinos you can join using BTC as payment – hybrid and exclusive. Exclusive Bitcoin casinos only accept cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, hybrid Bitcoin casinos accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

You will also find limited game types with the exclusive kind. Many game developers and software providers for online casinos do not make games exclusive for BTC transactions. It will be more fun to play in a hybrid kind, plus, it gives you more chances of winning.

Time to Play

Here are some sites you can check out when you want to try playing online casinos using BTC.

Oshi casino. It accepts fiat and cryptocurrencies. The site offers customer support 24/7, and it is available in various languages. You can play using any device, including your phone, and it has slots provided by top-tier software developers.

Red Dog. It has a wide-range selection of games, and it gives you various options for the games, payout, and themes. It also offers newbies great bonuses for starters.

Ignition Casino. This user-friendly site is for players who enjoy card games, such as blackjack and poker. It is easy to get acquainted with how the site works. Aside from poker, you can also join virtual sports and live tables.

BitStarz. They are known for exceptional promotions and fair play. It offers various gameplay, including live dice table and poker. It also has an easy-to-understand interface, making it fast to get acquainted with how the site works.

Final Reminders

Why should you play online casinos using Bitcoins? It makes the processes of depositing and withdrawing your bets easy and fast.

BTC was designed to make online transactions more straightforward. The good thing about online casinos is that most do not make their players pay processing fees.

Many people are also lured to online gambling using BTC due to the extra layer of anonymity and privacy it provides. Most sites won’t collect private information from players, including phone number, address, and your name.

It’s always more fun to play online casinos when you are assured of the safety of all your transactions. Ensure that you only play at top-rated sites and understand all there is to know about BTC before making your first bet.

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