Things To Remember While Purchasing A Used Phone

Many buyers argue over the fact that the joy of unboxing a brand new mobile is nothing when compared to purchasing a second-hand device. However, buying a brand new device might not be a great option to opt for every time. Moreover, investing your money into buying a used phone is more economical as well as practical. In this manner, you can taste the essence of using different models without getting a hole in your pocket.

Let’s discuss a few things to consider before purchasing a second-hand mobile phone.

● Say a big no to the stolen phones

The foremost thing that you must consider before investing in a device is that it shouldn’t be stolen. No matter how inexpensive that phone is or how irresistible its features might seem. Always safeguard yourself from the future hassles as it might have been used for executing certain unlawful acts.

For confirmation, ask the dealer to provide you with the original bill, a soft or a hard copy, along with the name of the real buyer of the phone. This is a significant step to prevent yourself from falling into any kind of fraud.

● Watch out for fake models

Now, you can conveniently find replicas of almost every model, let it be an iPhone or any other expensive brand. However, the features are not similar, and you might feel cheated after considering the price that you’ve paid for buying such a fake product.

To avoid the fleece, check the settings menu in the phone to hunt for the model number. Then compare it with the model number printed on the sticker at the back of your phone or its battery. Similarly, check the other add ons that are made available so that you’re not bluffed.

● Take an exhaustive physical inspection

Now, after you’ve performed the above-mentioned procedures, it’s time to dig deeper. It is advisable to inspect the phone from every angle possible in order to get a clear picture of its condition. Check for broken edges and bruised screen. Make sure that all the volume keys are in place and working efficiently.

What if you purchase a Used Galaxy S7 with a hope that it’ll give you the same experience as you’ve imagined? However, the invisible dents on the screen have reduced its functionality, and all your expectations go in the drain? Thus, switch on the phone and check everything because the minor dents are not clearly visible on the locked screen.

● Settle for the best price

After executing the elaborate procedures of checking the phone, don’t ignore the key point. That is, the price you’re paying for the used device. The cost of a phone can fall considerably as better features are introduced in the newer models every now and then. Thus, if you’re buying a phone just to check its latest functions, then it’s better to buy a new one.

However, if that is not an option so, make sure that you negotiate wisely. Keep in mind the current condition of the phone and only proceed when you’re utterly satisfied with the payment procedure.

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