These 6 Good SEO Practices Will Triple Your Ecommerce Sales

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Reports show that 44% of shoppers start with a search engine. They don’t feel loyalty towards a certain online store, so you’re going to need to catch their attention online and keep them there. That’s why SEO is so important. If you’re not sure where to start, this is the guide for you. Here’s 6 ways you can use SEO to bring customers to you, and make sure they keep coming back.

1. Tweak Your Keywords for Category Pages

Keywords are an important way to bring in customers. They’ll lead searchers on search engines to your page, and hopefully to exactly what they were looking for. However, you need to think about how and where you use your keywords. First, pick a good keyword that will describe the products you’re selling. If you need help with this, a service like WordStream Keyword Tool will help you pick the right one.

Once you have these, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to use the keywords. It’s actually a much better idea to have them on your categories page than on individual pages. This is because it will bring the searcher right to all the products you have that may interest them, rather than just one or two. Use the keywords on this page to direct them here. When you do this, be sure that you use a Keyword Density Checker to ensure you’re not overstuffing the page. If you do, search engines can penalize you.

2. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

It’s a well known fact that if a site is mobile friendly, more people are going to visit it. This is because more and more people are choosing to browse the web from their phone, rather than a desktop. It makes sense, then, that if you make it easier for them, the more they’re going to visit.

It’s now more important than ever, as mobile versions of sites will be indexed by search engines as a different entity. That means the better your mobile site, the further up it will show in mobile search results. Use services such as Ahrefs or Via Writing to get the most out of your mobile SEO. Improve the readability of your text size, make buttons bigger and easier to push, and space out links so the right ones can be tapped with ease.

3. Use Good Permalinks to Help Search Engine Crawlers

When searching through your site, search engine crawlers will look at your permalinks to get a good idea of what your website is about. If you optimize these links, you can give them an accurate idea of what you do. When this happens, customers will click your links and get what they’re looking for, meaning they’re much more likely to buy.

When you’re writing your permalinks, think about what your customers will be looking for. For example, a product category should be listed under, a sub category should then be, and a product page should be If you need help getting them quite right, a writing service like Oxessays or Paper Fellows can help.

4. Proofread and Edit the Content You Use

You may not realize this, but if your content contains errors of any kind, it can affect your search engine ranking. This includes spelling errors, grammar issues, and factual errors. Google especially are looking for good quality content to show to users, so it will take the technical quality of the writing into account. This is why proofreading and editing is so important.

Make sure you’re checking both your own writing and the writing you buy from outside services. It’s often best to take a few passes at a piece of writing, checking for different kinds of errors every time. If you need help, you can use online proofreaders such as Cite It In and Academadvisor to pull out a lot of the errors for you. Remember, though, that some errors won’t be picked up by programs. It’s always best to do the final pass yourself.

5. Ensure You’re Writing Unique Content

Many online stores fall down because they’re only using information they’re pulling from a database to describe their products. Often, this can just be a photo. However, a photo isn’t going to help if you want your pages to be brought up by search engines. If you want this to happen, you’re going to need unique content on every page to bring them in. You can create this content yourself, or you can bring in writing service such as Write my paper or Resumption to handle it for you.

If you’re working on creating new content, again, you’re going to need to ensure your keywords are well selected and used naturally within the text. Write content that will tell the customer exactly what the product will do for them, and how it will benefit them. Assignment Help is full of writing guides that can help you do just this.

6. Use User Generated Content

User generated content can go a long way to showing search engines and customers that your products are worth buying. Imagine that a customer is searching for ‘good quality watches’. If you’re using user generated content, they may be well be saying that ‘the watches here are good quality’. This will show up on the search, and it’ll convince the customer that they want to buy from you.

Build a community of happy customers, and allow them to comment and leave reviews on your products. “Integrate social media groups onto your page too, to maximise the amount of user generated content you can use. Keep in touch with your customers, and handle any issues promptly. This will help you generate positive buzz online” – explains Jared Barth, a SEO Manager at UK Writings.

These six SEO tips are easy to implement, but can create a lot of increased revenue for you. Make it easier for customers to find you, and you’ll be amazed at how much your customer numbers jump. Put these tips to use and you’ll see for yourself what good SEO can do.

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