The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money and Earn Free Digital Gift Cards From Playing Video Games

1. Tester of video games

Offering your skills as a game tester is one method to earn money while playing video games.

A successful game tester needs to have a keen eye for detail and an analytical mind. Companies that make video games give players the option of regular employment or one-time freelance testing for significant projects that normally take six months to complete. Individuals who are accepted into the program are given access to software that enables them to test new games before they are made available to the general public (typically in the form of an “alpha” and “beta”).

Typically, a game tester can anticipate working 40 or more hours per week for eight consecutive weeks without a break. Depending on the firm and the project, the typical work environment varies, but many testers spend most of their time in front of a computer screen while evaluating games in accordance with standards.

Companies that make video games need candidates with analytical thinking, effective communication abilities, and expertise in video games or computers in general. You must be well-versed in computers, video games, and associated technology in order to succeed.

A successful game tester must maintain accurate records of their work, providing information on what they have tested as well as any bugs or errors in the software code that may have gone unnoticed by other testers. In order to submit bug reports, game testers also need to have great written communication abilities. You’ll also need strong interpersonal skills if you want to collaborate with clients and coworkers.

Depending on the video game firm, different qualifications may be needed for employment. A high school diploma or its equivalent, some familiarity with computers, the capacity to speak English fluently, knowledge of how video games are played, and attention to detail are usually necessary. While some businesses have a minimum age requirement of 18, others do not.

Although the average hourly pay for video game testers is closer to $13 per hour, you can anticipate making between $9 and $15 per hour. Some projects provide testers incentives like health insurance, travel reimbursements, and even bonuses if the project is successful.

2. Use a rewards website as a bonus.

Even if this isn’t a profession, it’s undoubtedly a simple method to get some cash in the form of gift cards for playing video games. Find a rewards website first, like LootX.

  • Users begin by registering for an account, which is the fundamental step in the process.
  • They do tasks on the website, which results in them earning “points” (i.e. filling out surveys, downloading apps).
  • After that, they have the option to trade those points in for digital gift cards of their choice.

After that, navigate to the menu labeled “Earn Points” on your mobile device. When you click on one of the offer wall companies, you should look for offers that need you to download and play a game, as well as reach a certain level, to collect “Points.” 

3. Content Creator

Creating your content is an excellent supplementary method for making money while engaging in the activity of playing video games. You are allowed to build a particular style of content based on your interests or previous experiences, and I will support you in doing so. In addition, there is a wide variety of additional opportunities to earn financial support, such as through donations, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships (via websites like Patreon or Donorbox).

Content creators may elect to embed adverts into their broadcasts and movies in order to increase their per-view revenue. However, depending on the size of your audience, the CPM, which refers to the cost of advertising for every one thousand impressions, could be quite low. Affiliate marketing and sponsorships are both successful ways to make money; in exchange for advertising the products of other companies to your audience, you are paid a commission on the purchases that those people make as a result of your promotion.

4. Participant in eSports on a Professional Level

In the most recent few years, e-sports have experienced substantial expansion, and it is anticipated that this expansion will carry over into the following decade. The current amount of viewership that e-Sports is capable of generating can potentially bring in large sponsorship payments for gamers who are able to achieve success at the professional level. The path to becoming a professional e-sports gamer is not an easy one to take. To begin, you will need to have mastered a certain video game to the expert level. For instance, if you want to make a living as a professional League of Legends player, you have to be skilled at playing that particular game.

Once you have reached the level of proficiency required in a particular game, you will need to begin branding yourself so that you may attract the attention of various e-Sports teams and potentially be recruited by them. It is crucial to be able to market yourself effectively because there are many e-Sports teams and companies that can give you sponsorship or partnership options based on the number of people who watch your matches and your skill level. Last but not least, if you are skilled at providing insightful commentary for video games, you always have the option of working in the eSports industry.

The presence of casters at many competitions is beneficial since they provide information about how individual players are performing and which methods may or may not be effective. If you are capable of providing commentary of this nature, then your ability to brand yourself might lead to employment within e-Sports organizations, which would open up even more options for you to make money from your analysis.

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