The Noise Is Coming From the Inside

There is no greater organizational security threat, then the one coming from the inside. In today’s current geopolitical climate, it is important for companies to be on the lookout. They need to watch for not only external but internal threats alike. Things ranging from state-sponsored espionage, competing for corporate hostility, intellectual property theft to sheer malicious behavior.

Companies must protect themselves. Rogue employees or operatives have access to the building, computers, files and other very important data. And because they are on-site, it makes them so much easier to be malicious. External forces can access this data through some form of network access, hard drive compromise, phishing, etc. What are the steps you can take to ensure that your insider threat detection is world-class? 

First, you need to determine priorities. What are things that matter most to protecting your company? Can you determine if someone was unintentionally negligent? What if they were acting malicious, or coming from the outside? (or all of the above) These are some things to look for if you suspect you are being attacked. You also need to work with the HR and management team. They assist in looking for disgruntled employees, competing actors, or malicious social media content.

  • Large amounts of data being copied, or unusual heavy network activity at odd hours.
  • Access to unauthorized servers, files or credentials by rogue employees.
  • Employees operating unauthorized equipment. (Cameras, recording devices, physical servers)

What Can I Do?

It takes a thorough monitoring system to be able to guard against these threats in real-time. The age-old game of cat and mouse. Security systems improve, only to be outflanked by a new hard to detect Malware or Virus. The cycle repeats and continues, only gaining in complexity and capability. You need to ensure your security solutions are top-notch. This is the last thing you want to be axed in the budget. The damage to your shareholders could be devastating.

There are few companies that manage their own insider threats. And the ones that do, still often use third party assistance. Threat detection and resolution is such a specialty, that they deserve their own focus and purpose. You would be better off starting your own standalone cybersecurity company. Putting together an internal threat detection and monitoring system would tax even the biggest budgets. Trust yourself to the experts. 

What do the best cybersecurity companies do to help you with your insider threat detection? There are several things that can be done to assist you with your security needs. You can look at an all-encompassing system, like the ones provided by EKRAN.

It is very important you have an enterprise-level solution. Bare minimum, you need to have: session recording, real-time user activity monitoring, privileged access logs, advanced threat detection AI, USB management, enhanced encryption, and a searchable events database. There also needs to be the ability for organizational customization. As the spread of social networks and media becomes wider, those are things that will require monitoring as well. You cannot misjudge the severity of an insider threat. Do everything you can now before it is too late.

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Keelie Reason
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