The Importance Of SSL Encryption In Canadian Online Casinos

SSL Encryption In Online Casinos

All modern gambling platforms must use SSL encryption to ensure the protection and privacy of registered players. But how does this system work in safe online casinos, and why is it needed? You will find out about it after reading our material below.

In general, the system guarantees the encryption of your personal, contact, or payment information. This means that the data transfer between the user and the online casino is encrypted, which allows the information to be unreadable to third parties. This is especially important in the context of the developed fraud in the gambling industry as a whole.

How to check the availability of encryption protocols in online casinos?

The easiest way to check is to look at the address bar of the selected online casino. In the upper left corner, the URL line is most often set. In addition, browsers often display a small lock or a green symbol in front of the address of the gambling club. This suggests that the site uses encryption algorithms and is safe to play here.

Another method for checking SSL encryption is associated with the online casino’s lead address. You must check if the address starts with http:// or https://. In the first case, we are talking about a portal without data encryption, which cannot be considered secure. The second option with an additional letter S indicates the use of data encryption and guarantees a comfortable game for real money.

Different browsers have different versions of the encryption to keep players safe. Next, we will show which protocols can be used to verify and identify online casino sites.

SSL and TLS encryption protocols

Since the opening of the first online casino, the system of protection and security has improved significantly. SSL and TLS certificates have appeared, providing reliable protection of players’ information. Therefore, we recommend choosing only verified gambling clubs in Canada that use modern encryption methods and avoid data leakage.

SSL protocols

It is a certificate that verifies the connection between the server and the client, which is a web browser and a gambling platform. The system ensures a secure connection and allows user information to be protected. SSL encryption can work with an open or asymmetric key.

TLS certificates

This is an analogous system, which is similar in principle to SSL. But TLS is considered a more sophisticated and safer encryption system, which today is equipped with new casinos online. So you can easily play your favorite slot machines for real money without worrying about personal data.

Different online casinos have implemented different terms of TLS protocol. Users can see designations such as SSL 3.0, TLS version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2. These encryption algorithms are considered the most reliable, guaranteeing the confidentiality of information. They differ only in the needs of gambling establishments that install TLS certificates.

The level of data encryption in online casinos in Canada

Now you have understood information encryption technology and the best protocols function. However, they are equipped with 128-bit and 256-bit security keys. That’s why you need to understand them in more detail.

We also discussed methods to get information about the availability of encryption certificates on the official website of the online casino. In this case, you might have seen a message stating the use of SSL encryption with a key of 128 bits: RC4_128. Users could also see this statement: the connection is encrypted (TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA, 256-bit keys, TLS 1.2). Paying attention to the length of characters in the row is not necessary. The goal is to detect the number that appears next to the key. In our case, it is 265 bits.

What is the difference between 128-bit and 256-bit technology?

As you may have already understood, it is the numbers in the above encryption options on official online casino sites that indicate the power of protection. The 128 and 256 bits are the levels of security of the information on the site. If you take away the technical details, in simple words, the 128-bit key will take 50 years to crack, and the 256 – bit key will take – 250 years.

Why is data encryption used in online casinos in Canada?

Technical specifications and unfamiliar words can confuse active Canadian players. That’s why we’ll explain the importance of data encryption in simple terms. SSL or TLS protocols securely store your contacts, name and residence address, card details or numbers, and login details to an e-wallet. In addition, these algorithms confirm the security of the client-server connection.

By clicking on the image of a small lock on the online casino site, you can check the availability of encryption certificates. Playing on unprotected gambling platforms can lead to personal information and account data theft. So do not forget, to play at a casino for money you should be 21 years old and responsible for the choice of site, which will help our rating.

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