The Best Streaming Services That Aren’t Named Netflix, Hulu, or Prime


HBO recently announced that they’re going to let those who have cut the cable cord be able to have access to fresh content without a provider. They”ll be joining a number of video streaming services that exist today that aren’t Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Redbox wasn’t able to survive in this competitive field, but there are some great streaming services available that will give you some niche experiences.

Roku Apps

#1. YouTube. You can’t go wrong with YouTube. Not only can you catch entire seasons of Red Dwarf, but some of your favorite shows are posted as well. There are plenty of albums online with this video service as well that provide you with legal ways to listen to free songs. Thanks to rights distribution royalties, even people who post songs or videos on their own are providing streaming revenues for artists.

#2. Crackle. This streaming service is owned by Sony and there are more advertisements than you’ll ever find on Hulu, but it is a free service that works on a wide variety of platforms. The selection is a little limited, but they are producing their own original content and that’s a bonus. If you can put up with the sheer amount of ads, then you may just want to include this service with your portfolio of apps and streaming services.

#3. SpuulThis free moving streaming service is for you if you love what Bollywood has to offer. It streams through an app or directly online if you prefer. The premium content offers a lot more variety, but there’s enough free movies to keep you busy for a solid month of marathon movie watching at the very minimum. There are some copycat services out there that provide the same kind of services, but not with the same level of reliability.

#4. Top Documentary Films. The title pretty much sums up what  you’re going to be able to enjoy. Some top documentaries are here, however, and there is plenty of enough interesting content that will help you learn something if you’re not in the mood for more Hollywood magic.

#5. Lego TVIf you love the Lego movies and shows, then Lego TV is the place you need to be. As an added bonus, you can also download an app so that the YouTube channel streams directly to your mobile device.

#6. TV PortalIt’s also pretty self descriptive. You are able to stream plenty of television shows to your preferred mobile device for free. If you want the good stuff, then you’re going to have to pay for it with a premium account, but it can provide you some access to shows for cheaper than the annual Prime membership.

In addition to these options, there are several places on the internet where you can purchase movie rights to stream directly to your computer. There are traditional options like iTunes or Best Buy. If you purchase a physical disc, then Vudu and UltraViolet become options for you as well. They were not included in this list because the whole point of watching movies is to do it legally and for free!

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