The Best Of The Best In Women’s Sports

The Sports industry has forever been male-dominated and has made the path to victory and success for female athletes a much harder road, with many hurdles to face, but not only have many pathed the path that they faced, but some have come out for the better and evidenced their worth and skill in their chosen sports. Many of these women in this article have served as an inspiration to not only younger girls but to each other and those who are making their way to the top who want to achieve the same success.

Not only have women’s perseverance made it possible for their achievements to be recognized, but 84% of general sports fans have an interest in women’s sports as well as men’s; so let’s take a look at these talented women.

Serena Williams

Not only has Serena Williams faced discrimination due to her gender but she has also had to deal with issues regarding her race in order for to reach the success she is at today. Serena is a professional tennis player who holds more Grand Slam Singles titles than any other player, man or woman, in the Open era – 23 – and only second in history behind Margeret Court who held 24. Not to mention, Serena was the only woman to place in Forbes highest-paid athletes, showing her value against countless men in the industry.

Serena revolutionized women’s tennis, not only through her success but also her powerful style of playing. Her professional career began back in 1995, a year after her sister, Venus William, did the same and soon enough both sisters attracted a lot of attention and went on to win doubles titles together and participated in 14 Grand Slam Doubles tournaments.

Alex Morgan

Football is the most popular sport around the world, but many just think of men’s football when the sport comes to mind, but there are many talented professional female footballers that have achieved much success in their careers and have led to free bets at 888sports being able to be placed on them.

Morgan is the co-captain of the US women’s football team and has won two FIFA World Cups in consecutive tournaments after her debut performance in the 2011 World Cup where her team placed second. Not only does she have World Cup titles under her belt, but she is also the youngest US player to have scored 20 goals in a single calendar year. A big achievement for Alex Morgan, not as a football player, but as a woman in sports who have faced sexism and had to fight for equal pay due to her career choice, she was the first female to be on the cover of a FIFA video game.

Danica Patrick

Yet another male-dominated sport, open-wheel racing. But Danica Patrick is the number one female racer and the most successful in history. Danica was the first and only woman to have ever won an IndyCar Series back in 2008 and has been highly credited for pathing the way for more women to get involved and become successful in such a predominantly male sport.

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