The Best Games With An Open World

Gaming is a way to get rid of negative emotions. With this site or browser games, you can forget about your daily routine. But what if you want to try something unusual? Then these games are your choice. 

The Witcher 3

This is CD Projekt Red’s most successful game. Thanks to The Witcher 3 it was possible to make people interested in the Witcher franchise. 

For the third part, the developers have worked on the bugs, shifting the focus towards a proper presentation of the story, gameplay mechanics and a harmoniously blended, interesting story. The integrity that unites all the storylines is very appealing. The gamer is faced with an elaborate world, where each extra task is organically woven into the main narrative. There is a division between the game locations, but this does not negate the quality of these locations. 

You can just sit back and watch the cutscenes as if they were a scene from a movie. The facial expressions, character intonation, detail work properly here, and there’s a cool narrative without any cliffhangers or plot holes.


The game everyone knows about. The success of Grand Theft Auto is because players are given almost complete freedom and a sense of impunity. Starting its way from a game with primitive graphics and first-person views, GTA already gave players the opportunity to behave the way they want and the way they can’t in real life. 

For 16 years the game has evolved from 2D to 3D, got a cool dialog system, beautiful physics, and the developers from Rockstar Games could make the real Rock Stars that everyone knows about.

It is not necessary to describe the game because most of the gamers know about it. The proof of success is the 135 million sold copies of the game. Developers had to invest more than 270 millions dollars, that exceeds the budget of the most blockbusters in the movie industry.

The fifth sure looks great but the older ones like San Andreas is still a match if you’re a classic lover. San Andreas characters still has something unique to them.

TES V: Skyrim

It’s hard to find a player who isn’t familiar with the The Elder Scrolls game universe. With TES V: Skyrim, the developers from Bethesda got worldwide recognition. Skyrim is the game that is known outside of the gaming industry.

To understand this, just see the list of platforms on which the project has been ported: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Amazon Echo. The project was surpassed in popularity only by GTA V.

The player does not lose anything if he refuses to complete the main quest. Games of the universe are famous for the fact that each secondary quest is a separate detailed story.

Extra tasks can wait for the player everywhere. TES V: Skyrim is an organic, detailed and holistic world in which the player feels no falsehood. And you can always look into Coin Master Village Cost. If you’re stuck on a quest and you need some help to get through then check out this Skyrim walkthrough by Scrollsguided.

The Legend of Zelda: BoW

The game takes the laws of physics and weather conditions into account. If the player finds a stick and brings it close to a fire source, the stick will catch fire. If Link climbs a tree, he can pick apples from them, and those, in turn, can easily get caught in the fire and burn. Apples that catch fire can easily set fire to the grass around them, and, in the presence of a strong wind, start a nasty fire.

Such minutiae are pervasive in all game mechanics. Link gets tired when he climbs a rock or swims, his weapons break, and there’s a chance to get hit by a ball lightning if the main character is wearing metal armor.

The developers do not give the player any restrictions. The player can go to Gagon’s lair on the first level and try to kill him. Creativity is encouraged here, and that makes The Legend of Zelda: BoW one of the most elaborate games.

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