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In India, investing in gold is a traditional investment instrument, and people used to buy gold coins and bars across generations for a good reason. Buying gold coins is better because they are always on an uphill slope and have increased enormously over the past few years. For people, storing them as future assets has been a lucrative option. According to experts, the price of gold doubles after every five to six years. 

You might ask, “Can I make money with digital gold?” Yes, it is as lucrative as physical gold. However, buy digital gold online from a sophisticated platform like DIGIGOLD. You can also opt for SIP to bet the best return outputs. Investors buy them at the digital gold rate, equivalent to the actual gold price of a country available in the market for a long or short tenure.

Why Should You Buy Digital Gold? 

Investing in digital gold has become a virtual investment process where investors do not need any locker or buy gold coins or bars. Digital gold is easy to trade, buy and sell and can be converted into physical forms anytime. Let’s look at the various benefits of buying digital gold. 

  1. Convenience in Buying: Experts recommend investors buy gold from reputable dealers’ stock exchange MMTC-PAMP which gives gold purity up to 999.9%. A chief benefit of buying digital gold is that you can buy them at the minimum price or even 1 unit. Alongside this, you can trade digital gold anytime from anywhere. 
  2. Assurance in Purity: Another huge advantage of buying gold digital forms is that you don’t think twice about the purity of the gold. They are available in 24 carats which is 99.9% pure. 
  3. Instant Liquidity: One of the drawbacks of buying physical gold is that when you want to sell them, you have to go to the jewelry shop. So it becomes a hassle of two to three days. But it is preferable to buy digital gold online. You can sell them anytime through the dealers. 
  4. Secured and Protected from Vaults: Investors can buy digital gold online, as they are 100% pure and kept under primitive protection. They are kept in a vault by the stock market or the dealer. 
  5. No Storage Fees: Banks and other safety locker providers put high charges as storage fees to use them to keep physical gold. But by buying digital gold, you don’t have to incur any storage fees. The gold providers offer a storage vault to keep your asset safe and secure. So to make a small gold investment, easily avail them through cash or redeem your investments whenever you want.

If you are planning to buy gold, experts advise buying digital gold, a new trend of purchasing via reputed platforms. Now, you have an answer to the question: “Is buying digital gold a good investment?”

Consider these Three Things before Buying Digital Gold

Digital gold is a tool investors use to trade pure gold in its digital form at the prevailing market prices. It is not a deposit or a financial product. The gold you buy is stored under your name in a certified vault. Buy digital gold online by eliminating the risk factors of buying physical gold.  

  • Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria for buying digital gold are that the investor should have a valid PAN card of India or carry a Form 60, and a bank account. However, the Regulations Act has been marked against Digital Gold by the Government of India. You have to oblige them to buy digital gold online. Digital gold does not fall under any purview of the financial sector, and digital gold falls in a regulatory gray zone. It is said to have a self-regulatory audit and diligence mechanism. 
  • Get a Tax Invoice: To buy digital gold online in India, you must follow the steps underneath. Reputable vendors like DigiGold, SafeGold, Augmont, etc., sell digital gold. Still, remember that Amazon, Phone, and PE are not dealers of digital gold; you cannot buy or see digital gold on their websites, but they merely conduct the investors. The digital gold provider from buy would showcase every detail and buying and selling statements in the account by emailing valid Tax Invoices to the buyer.
  • No Limitation in Buying Digital Gold- investors can buy digital gold online at Re 1 or can exceed the limit of buying in bulk as well. There are no upper limits to buying digital gold from any digital gold online platform available in India. Although, at digital gold platforms, customers must provide their customer KYC form and requirements for purchases above Rs. 1.5 lakhs approximately. This mandatory requirement is similar when you are buying physical gold as well. 

Ending Note: Buy Digital Gold Online

Can I Make Money with Digital Gold? Yes, gold is always a flavor of the season for women and younger purchasers. But smart people drive in to buy digital gold instead of physical gold as various dealers woo younger people—especially women. To buy gold that can be their asset and satisfy their desire for jewelry time. 

However, the question arises why experienced investors are thriving for digital gold. Because it is the most advanced investment instrument which gives higher profit after selling but also works as an asset for future security. They can purchase and sell pure gold digitally at the prevailing market prices anywhere or when needed. So, buy digital gold online to make more profits than any other investment scheme available in the market.

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