The 9 Best New Games of December 2014

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Every month, new games hit the app stores. Some of the games are pretty awesome. Others make freemium games seem like a big yawn of desperation. To avoid the bad downloads that take up multiple GBs of space on your mobile device, here are some of the top games to consider playing as 2015 nears.

SimCity Logo

#1. SimCity BuildItSimCity fans might still be stinging from the shutdown of their social game [or the fact that it took 6 months to get the latest PC version right], but all is righted with this optimized iOS 8 game. With stunning graphics, the classic power of the Mayor in your hands, and exclusive buildings to unlock, SimCity is coming back strong.

#2. Galcon 2. This multiplayer game is like playing a social version of Risk in outer space. You take your ships to different planets so you can exploit their resources and wind up conquering the galaxy. Not many strategy games are really that challenging, but this one puts up a good fight.

#3. My Om NomIf you can get past the $4.99 price tag, this monster adopting app is just like the old electronic pets that we adopted 20 years for some reason. It’s a spin-off of the fun Cut the Rope games and you take care of your monster just like a virtual pet, but there are mini games and quests to enjoy. If you’ve got younger kids, you’ll get at least 35 minutes of peace with this download [yes, I timed it].


#4. Tap Titans. Tapping games can be hit or miss [see what I did there?], but this one definitely hits the mark [see, I did it again]. With 10 nice environments in which to play and 30 different heroes to hire, there’s just enough challenge and variation to make this game a fun one.

#5. Jump Car. It’s a simple game. You have a car. You have platforms. You make the car jump. Don’t crash into other cars. You won’t want to write this one off. It’s surprisingly addictive.

#6. Docking Sequence. Capitalizing on the low-res retro love that is going on right now is this game where you, wait for it, dock stuff. Spaceships, to be precise. You pilot your ship to 100 stations in your quest to go home. Personally I’d probably just fly straight home myself in real life, but hey – then I wouldn’t get to practice docking 100 times either.

#7. Bean Boy. It’s another one of those simple, addictive games. Start playing it, look up, and 4 hours have instantly passed and your spouse is standing there, wondering why you haven’t helped with the laundry all day.

#8. Seabeard. If you crossed SimCity with any pirate game ever created and put a bit of humor into the game, then you’d get this one. There are enough surprises to keep you entertained and it’s easy enough to understand that the kids will have a good time playing it too.

#9. The Longest Journey. Trust me. It’s worth the $6.99. The first version of the game was one of the best games that ever came out during my college years and the remastered version just takes the experience up to another notch. Now I don’t have to load up my Tandy 386 to play it either, which is a definite plus.

Which games have you downloaded this month and enjoyed? Share your recommendations below!

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