Teeka Tiwari’s Investment Of The Decade: What Is It? & Why Is It So Popular?

The upcoming years are all about innovations and investments. We are going to have 5G, artificial intelligence, and advancements in IoT. And all these innovations are bound to require hefty investments. But there is one particular project which has been claimed as the investment of the decade!

This term “Investment of the decade” has been given by Teeka Tiwari and he claims this is something even corporate giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon & Facebook are looking forward to. Before we get into the details of the actual investment let us first get acquainted with Teeka Tiwari himself.

Teeka Tiwari And His Programs

Teeka Tiwari is currently the chief editor of the famous newsletter “The Palm Beach Letter”. He has spent millions of dollars traveling around the world making investments and providing advice.

He became the youngest vice president of Shearson Lehman at the age of 20 and by 23 he became a millionaire. Later he became a hedge fund manager. In 2016, Teeka Tiwari launched the Palm Beach Letter which quickly became popular amongst investors.

His most popular programs are the

● Palm Beach Newsletter

● Palm Beach Confidential

● Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge

● Crypto Income Quarterly

Teeka Tiwari made headlines in both mainstream and social media back in 2016 for his accurate predictions about Bitcoins. The people who listened to his advice at that time made one of their best investments.

And this time Teeka Tiwari is back with what he claims to be, “The Investment Of The Decade” and the investment is going to be on “Genesis Technology”

There has been plenty of speculations about how profitable this technology can be. This BizReviewed blog post on Genesis Technology stock can tell you more about it.

What Is The Genesis Technology?

Genesis technology refers to the blockchain technology that has been implemented for cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is believed to be something that is going to be even bigger than 5G, AI, and IoT.

Bitcoins are growing popular day by day and to function, bitcoin companies will be needing stronger and advanced blockchain technologies. In the coming years, many industries are supposedly going to use blockchain technology to streamline all their operations.

Why Is Blockchain Technology Becoming Popular?

We have been hearing about bitcoins for a few years but blockchain technology is truly becoming popular nowadays. Even the World Economic Forum thinks that by 2027 blockchain stock may go up by 295,762%.

This is due to various different reasons and application of the technology that is being implemented around the world right now-

Blockchain in Real Estate

Blockchain technology is already being implemented in the real estate sector. The technology can be used to enhance trading platforms and online transactions. The assets can be identified as stocks and the whole trade process can be done online.

Doing so can also eliminate the need for intermediaries like brokers and lawyers. If the assets can be tokenized then the entire buying and selling process can be completed much faster.

Disrupt The Counterfeit Goods Market

Blockchain technology can be combined with the internet of things (IoT) and used to fight against counterfeit and fraud.

Both the suppliers and the manufactures can be brought into one single platform using blockchain technology. For each item, unique “smart tags” or cryptographic identifiers can be used.

This allows both parties to keep track of the product’s history, origin, and location at all times. It is estimated that upon successful implementation, blockchain technology can disrupt the counterfeit market that sells about $1.7 trillion worth of goods each year.

Immense Impact In The Food Industry

The food sector is vulnerable when it comes to supplying raw materials. But with the help of blockchain technology, the entire industry can be streamlined and all the raw materials can be monitored from its inception to the final step.

This is estimated to save about $31 billion worth of food fraud by the end of 2024 and enhance the entire industry.

This genesis technology or more commonly known as blockchain technology has also signed up to reduce cost regarding health care services and even improve the voting system.

To highlight the importance and growing popularity of this amazing technology Teeka Tiwari even pointed out that Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) recently invested $10 trillion into blockchain technology.

How Can You Be A Part Of The Investment Of The Decade?

Blockchain technology is a massive sector to cover but Teeka Tiwari claims to have got it all figured out. He has divided the investment of the decade into 3 different investments and dictates these as “Must-own stocks”.

He estimates that the entire blockchain technology will grow to about 295,000% in the near future. That is about 32 times more than the industry of 5G.

The investment strategy is part of Teeka’s research report and can be found once you are part of his Palm Beach Newsletter. This newsletter is one of the best financial advisories currently available.

Alongside the investment of the decade strategy, the newsletter also offers you an insight into the current market conditions regarding dividend payments and cryptocurrencies.

What Else Can You Get In The Report?

This will be a 12-month subscription pack where you will get-

● The opportunity to know all about other investment opportunities and portfolio models of Teeka Tiwari.

● 24/7 customer support from financial specialists in Florida.

● Access to the Davos Manifesto and the private deals bible.

● Share reports regarding classical arts and vintage items, and ideas about how to flip them

● Real-time news about and updates regarding all the investment moves made by Teeka Tiwari himself

The subscription also has a 60-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with it.

Final Thoughts

Teeka Tiwari has been in the financial advisory sector for a long time and quickly gained a strong following. His cryptocurrency advice was spot on and lots of other investment strategies were successful. While every investment move has some risks involved, the investment of the decade does seem full of opportunities.

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