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Taking the Awful Out of Mondays


Saying that you hate Mondays is saying that you hate one seventh of your life. No one with any regard for the scarcity of time should have that much vitriol for a day of the week, especially when there are 52 Mondays a year and they roll around pretty frequently….like once a week. The main reason so many people have a problem with Mondays is because they dislike their jobs. That’s a shame as well since we spend so much time working as a part of living. Like to eat? Then you best be prepared to work in order to get that food.

I am not a big hater of Mondays, but I know the tiny feeling of dread that comes Sunday nights as the weekend is almost evaporated. So anything that helps erase that feeling would be a plus in my life and really help those who seem to be mad that they even woke up with a pulse on Monday mornings.

A design company called Ideo is trying to help folks deal with Mondays in a more positive way. They have helped design three different products to make things flow a bit easier as each new week begins. Their team has designed an alarm clock that wakes you with the sound of a kid’s laughter, an app for mindful gratitude to send a thank you notification to a loved one, and a bubble machine to notify you of meetings. Gratitude makes people feel better about life in general, everyone loves bubbles, and if you don’t love the sound of childrens’ laughter then you may not be a real human.

ideo bubble notify

Ideo has done a great service for the tons of folks who truly have an issue with Mondays. Their solutions don’t try to make you believe the world is full of rainbows and cotton candy. But the tiny joyful reminders may help many people get over the hump of negativity that surrounds the first day of our week.

I would be willing to purchase their simple but brilliant alarm clock. Even I as an optimist have a hard time waking up smiling. Being eased into consciousness would be better than my current old school alarm clock that sounds like a submarine’s warning system. I think that people who most need these positive reminders from Ideo the should think about the millions of people who no longer have Mondays to deal with since their lives have ended. Being alive on Monday is certainly better than the alternative on any other day of the week. Just sayin….

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker