6 Strategies to Master Volunteer Management + 5 Effective Tools for Nonprofits

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Volunteer management is an essential task that all nonprofits have to take up to ensure successful volunteer programs. It allows them to take the best measures to facilitate simple, smooth-sailing steps contributing to a program’s success.

To ensure successful volunteer management within an organization, following a few effective strategies will simplify the process and make everything more efficient. Here’s a look at a few strategies that all organizations must implement.

6 Efficient Strategies to Master Volunteer Management

1. Positive Work Impressions

One of the most effective ways to build successful and engaging volunteer programs is to showcase the positive aspects of the nonprofit and previously conducted events. Organizations can create reports highlighting past performances and use the information as a guideline to retain the impactful points and invite new volunteers to join them. It will be easier to manage volunteers who believe in the organization’s work and results.

2. Making Volunteers Comfortable

Another efficient way to ensure successful volunteer management is to ensure that volunteers are comfortable with the provisions and tasks given to them. It helps keep volunteers engaged at all times, and they will be more likely to perform better due to their consistent efforts in the volunteer program.

3. Providing Mentorship and Training

Training plays a significant part in ensuring successful volunteer management at all stages. It will allow new volunteers to get accustomed to the organization’s requirements and understand how to accomplish different tasks. Training also allows nonprofits to efficiently onboard volunteers for the long term who will contribute significantly towards the growth and achievements of the organization.

4. Building Communication Channels

Another way to ensure efficient volunteer management is to build communication channels to keep up with all volunteers on the team. Organizations can use group chats, email threads, corporate volunteer management software, and other tools to help manage a smooth flow of communication and reduce the risk of misunderstandings and loss of information. 

Good communication also helps to ensure schedules are sent out on time and to the people that need them, helping volunteers to plan their time more efficiently. Another great way to do this is to use volunteer management software like get connected by galaxy digital (or similar volunteer management software) to connect volunteers and aid program planning.

5. Involving Previous Volunteers

Involving existing or previous volunteers to help in the management process is an excellent way to step up the process in the organization. They have first-hand experience with how a program runs and will be able to provide a better perspective on what an organization should do to make improvements. To do so, organizations must maintain a healthy and meaningful relationship with such volunteers, and they will be more than willing to give a helping hand to the volunteer management process.

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6. Providing Flexible Opportunities

Time management and allotment also play a crucial role in the success of volunteer management. Keeping flexible hours in line with volunteer availability will help nonprofits manage all activities more efficiently and keep everything in line. It is an excellent way to improve the reliability of volunteers and encourage them to put in their best efforts for the growth and development of successful volunteer events. 

5 Effective Tools to Facilitate Successful Volunteer Management

1. Golden 

It is an efficient volunteer management tool that allows nonprofits to oversee everything from the beginning steps of a volunteer event to the end of it. Organizations can use the application to organize budgets, volunteer tasks, timelines, volunteer hour tracking, and more without hassle. 

2. Flipcause 

The application allows real-time tracking of various volunteer activities, giving organization staff a better opportunity to keep up with everything. It helps in saving time and makes volunteer management streamlined at all stages for better results for each volunteer program.

3. VolunteerMark 

The application works on cloud support and enables nonprofits to manage everything from volunteer recruitment to communication. Organizations can use the application to build healthy communications with their volunteers and develop meaningful relationships that will benefit them long-term and lead to more successful results.

4. Duplie 

The application is a successful contender for managing different management and tracking necessities within a nonprofit. Organizations can use the application to set up notices and updates and ensure a smooth communication flow between everyone on the team. Cloud support allows everyone to access the application from other supported devices, thereby reducing the chances of any misunderstandings taking place. 

5. Point 

The application brings simplification and convenience to the volunteer management process. It allows nonprofits to streamline different tasks, hours, performance reports, and more to ensure successful volunteer events at all times. 


For successful volunteer programs, organizations must take up volunteer management in an efficient way. They must be strategic about every step and ensure that everything is well-communicated between all team members. By following a few efficient strategies and using volunteer management tools, nonprofits can ensure success at all stages and host programs that will achieve better results. 

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