Rovio Entertainment Releases Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 - Rovio

Launching into app stores in 2006 Angry Birds quickly became the top paid app of all time. Available for nearly all mobile devices the game featuring angry birds being slung at fortified structures inhabited by dopey eyed pigs has over 2 billion downloads and shows no sign of slowing down. With spinoffs ranging from Angry Birds Star Wars to Angry Birds Rio, Rovio Entertainment has decided its finally time for a sequel. Angry Birds 2 released today July 30th.

The long awaited sequel is 9 years in the making. During those 9 years Rovio has done everything it can to capitalize on the success of their Angry Birds. Beyond spinoffs Rovio has produced countless Angry Birds toys, clothing, and household items. In 2012 the company made $200 Million in revenue and $70 Million in profits. The original app sold for only $.99 however Angry Birds 2 is now free to download in the Apple app store.

Angry Birds 2 Could Cash In Big

Not much is known about the plot of Angry Birds 2 but this week Angry Birds Twitter account admin tweeted, “This weeks forcast: 100% chance of golden duck showers.” Now the only past references to golden ducks have come in Angry Birds where there is a level named after them and in the newer Angry Birds Under Pigstruction where it is used as a spell that liters the screen with falling golden ducks. At this point we could only speculate at what they were trying to tell us other than revealing a new spell in the game used to destroy pigs.

Angry Birds 2 has been placed in a very good position to draw even more attention and downloads than its predecessor. Hopefully with 9 years worth of time to develop Angry Birds will topple the app charts once again.

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