Recycle, Donate, Sell. What Should You Do With Your Old Smartphone?

If you are anything like me you have a drawer in your home shamefully filled with outdated and unused electronic devices. Maybe it’s an old TV remote, an old iPod or even a whole series of smartphones. Regardless of the tech garbage, you have piled up in your home there are solutions for how to get rid of the devices you no longer need or use.

Recycling Old Technology

According to research conducted by the United Nations, nearly 44.7 million tons of e-waste is discarded each year. Of those millions of tons, only about 20% was properly recycled. Those are not very good margins. But with over 1.5 billion smartphones sold each year, it’s not a surprise that so many pieces of tech go unrecycled.

To properly recycle old smartphones and other devices one should bring the tech directly to a recycling plant. Most cities even sponsor the recycling of unused technology. If you don’t know where your local recycling facilities are located you can easily google this type of information.

Donating Outdated Smartphones

If your drawer of outdated tech happens to be full of devices that still work you can always donate them. Many organizations from Goodwill to eBay for charity are willing and able to take donations of outdated cell phones. In many ways donating your old devices is a much more efficient way of recycling the tech.

Selling Unused Smartphones

Now if the smartphones filling up your junk drawer are still in good working order there is always the option of selling your device. This would be a good way to make money so you also afford a new smartphone too. There are many ways to sell your smartphone but the best way is probably to check out

Sellcell is the No. 1 phone trade-in price comparison site in the US. We help users get the most cash for their old cell phones. To get the best deal when selling your phone it is normally necessary to shop around as the prices from the different buyback companies vary massively. 

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