An Introduction To 8 Varieties Of Bathroom Fixtures And Fittings

There are various ways of adorning your bathrooms, such as deciding on the type of cabinets, showerheads, and even the style and placement of toilet roll holders. Have an image of your ideal bathroom but unsure about how to proceed with the renovation? Read on as this will be your handy guide before you look for types of bathroom fitter near me. We will first discuss the differences between bathroom fixtures and fittings, before moving on to explore several examples of fixtures and fittings. 

Comparing Bathroom Fixtures and Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fixtures are permanently installed in a bathroom. Some examples include the toilet and bathtub, which require wiring and plumbing works before they can be built-in or removed from any bathroom.

On the contrary, bathroom fittings are simpler features that are relatively easier to install and remove. For instance, shower curtains, detachable shelves and mirrors, are bathroom fittings that can be used to embellish your bathroom fixtures. 

Suggested Bathroom Fixture: Sink

Apart from selecting a sink that is functional and fitting to your preferences, there are various factors to consider. Namely the shape, material, depth, and mounting. 

In terms of mounting, some would prefer a basin with an under mount that not only looks sleek and allows one to display their toiletries. Whereas, others would opt for a simple wall-mounted basin to save space.

As for cost consideration, wall-mounted sinks will definitely cost more than those with a pedestal. Although it would be more cost-efficient to install a basin yourself, only do it if you are extremely confident of the procedure, as higher costs might be incurred due to the damages caused. Otherwise, hire a professional to install it within four to five hours, depending on your bathroom’s plumbing situation.

Suggested Bathroom Fixture: Tap

It might be surprising that a small fixture in your bathroom could beautify the overall bathroom appearance. The first step would be to decide if you would like a tap with a modern or traditional style. This would automatically eliminate your choices by half, which makes the selection process a breeze. 

Modern styles feature a mono mixer tap which controls the water temperature and pressure. In order to complement your bathroom’s modernized appearance, you might choose taps with a waterfall spout to bring out the element of luxury. Brass taps are an interesting option to consider as they are corrosion resistant, and could add a pop of colour to your basin.

If you are going for a vintage style, deck-mounted taps are your go-to. You may choose between single or double versions as well, depending on your personal preference and sink space.

Suggested Bathroom Fixture: Bathtub

A bathtub is often viewed as the centrepiece of any bathroom. If bathroom space is not an issue of concern, a bathtub would make a good investment. You could relax and unwind after a long day, and even if the bathtub is not in use, it elevates the classiness of your bathroom. Perhaps, if you have children, a bathtub could make bath times easier and enjoyable for them.

Consider the material of the bathtub before purchasing. It is recommended to invest in a tub with higher quality materials, such as fibreglass or acrylic. The tub should remain in an optimal condition after years of usage, and retain the water’s temperature such that you may enjoy your bath for longer periods of time. It is crucial to think about the tap placements which corresponds with your bathroom’s plumbing system as well.

Suggested Bathroom Fixture: Toilets

The most common type of toilet is the close-coupled toilet as it is compatible with both modern and traditional bathroom styles. Its compact design features the cistern and toilet bowl being attached, with hidden pipes within the toilet’s casings to minimize its space utility. If there is a space constraint, opt for back-to-wall toilets which save space and convey a modernized style. Additionally, the environmentally-friendly dual flush system gives the user the option of a ‘half flush’ or ‘full flush’.

Suggested Bathroom Fittings: Toilet seats

Toilet seats, being highly utilized, often tend to be worn out at a faster rate. Usually, the high-impact plastic seats are most commonly found. Alternatively, for a more traditional or a nature-themed style, one might opt for wood effect toilet seats.

Toilet seats with release hinges allow the seat to be removed for efficient cleaning. If convenience is your priority, you might prefer the soft close hinges. These hinges allow for a slow-release, which will be quieter and more hygienic.

Suggested Bathroom Fittings: Mirrors

Mirrors are often an overlooked feature when it comes to bathroom design. If you would like to add more flair to your current frameless mirror, you could opt for LED mirrors for a slightly futuristic aesthetic. On the other end of the spectrum, a mirror with a metallic frame will add to the timeless look brought about by its elegant design. You could also check the decorating tips from Unique Vanities that you can refer to and search for your bathroom project that might be helpful and fits your taste.

Suggested Bathroom Fittings: Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets provide an efficient storage space for toiletries. Furthermore, toothbrushes can be stored in them for hygiene and space-saving purposes. One of the best-selling wall cabinet designs is that which has a mirrored front, due to its practicality.

Custom style cabinets are great if you desire a specific type of material, detailing or finish. Especially if your bathroom is slightly smaller or larger, which commercial cabinets do not go well with.

Suggested Bathroom Fittings: Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories include soap dispensers, shower curtains and toilet rails. These accessories should enhance the style you have in mind, yet brings you convenience. Some might favour the elegance of soap dispensers, however, they might not appreciate the hassle of frequently refilling them. As such, one should opt for accessories that are practical to their lifestyle and suit their preferences. For more options, you can visit our website.


As we tend to spend more time in our bathrooms than expected, it would be highly recommended to allocate more capital to renovate this section of your home. The aesthetics of your chosen bathroom fittings have the potential to steer your bathroom’s style closer to your desired outcome. Hence, it is essential to take your time in selecting the type of bathroom fittings that complement your fixtures. Most importantly, explore the features explained in this article before making an informed decision. After all, when you use a bathroom with fixtures and fittings that you have carefully picked out, it adds value to your daily experience with cleanliness and self-care. 

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