Products Every New Pet Owner Needs

Adopting a pet is an exciting time. The household is growing, and a new member of the family is being added. Just as one stocks up on goodies and gear when they have a human child, a new pet owner will also have a list of items to purchase for their new furry loved one.

Pet Blankets are a Must

Everyone, even pets, loves a good blanket. While one may assume that any old blanket will do, shoppers at Pet Parents know there are specialized blankets available with added features for pets. Special features found in blankets designed for pets include waterproof layers, additional layers for absorption, sherpa, and Wick Quick.

What is WickQuick? WickQuick is a specially designed pet-friendly fabric blend that quickly wicks away, absorbs, and holds more liquid than other fabrics can. Pet blankets are needed for bedtime, naptime, travel, protecting furniture, and more. Experienced pet owners know that one can never have too many pet blankets on hand.

Pet Pads Come in Handy

Pet pads are needed for dogs, cats, and other fuzzy family members. Pet pads are great when house training puppies, but they are also useful for living crates. If one is adopting a senior pet, they may need pet pads for incontinence issues.

Other uses for pet pads include protecting furniture, for use after a pet surgery, helping pads, under litter boxes, under food bowls, and more. Pet pads whisk away moisture and hold in scents. This item is available in multiple sizes and colors.

Pet Diapers Prevent Accidents

Pet diapers are a smart buy for new pet owners as they can keep accidents from happening on the furniture and throughout the house. Dog diapers come in assorted sizes, from extra small to extra-large. They are available in lots of fun colors, which is great for those who like to color coordinate with their dogs.

What are the uses for pet diapers? Pet owners find that diapers come in handy for excitement urination, pets in heat, fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, protecting surgical wounds, urinary tract infections (UTIs), gastrointestinal disorders, house training, spaying incontinence, medication side effects, and so much more!

Many people assume that dog and pet diapers are for single use only. While single-use diapers are available, many people prefer cloth reusable diapers. These only have to be purchased once and then can be used repeatedly. A pet owner needs to clean them in the laundry, and then pets can reuse them.

What are the features of pet diapers? Pet diapers made with WickQuick wick away liquid quickly so that the pet stays comfortable and dry. Today’s pet diapers are crafted to last, so pets get lots of use out of a pet owner’s diaper investment.

Many pet diapers and pet belly bands use velcro to keep the diaper closed. If a pet owner notices that the velcro is agitating the pet, catching their fur, or bothering their skin, the pet owner can order a cover. Velcro can sometimes catch on fabrics and furniture too, so it is smart to have pet velcro covers on hand. Just as the diapers are washable and reusable, the velcro covers are the same.

Pet Supplements Keep Pets Healthy

Just as a human needs the right vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, pets need the same. This is why pet companies now offer a full line of pet supplements. Common dog supplements include supplements designed for assistance with:

  • Allergies
  • Bladder health
  • Calming
  • Hip and joint health
  • Skin and coat health
  • Daily vitamin needs
  • Inflammation

Pets can suffer from allergy symptoms? Absolutely! Dogs, just like humans, can suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies. Dogs love to play outside, roll in the grass, and get those allergens in their fur.

Signs that a dog may be suffering from allergies include scratching, sneezing, coughing, and trying to chew its paws. Ingredients in allergy supplements for dogs may include salmon oil, vitamin c, doggy probiotics, colostrum, prebiotics, citrus bioflavonoids, and quercetin. Will dogs want to take allergy supplements? Absolutely! They are specially designed to taste like treats.

The weight of the dog will determine how many allergy supplements they need to take. This means that if a supplement has ninety capsules in each container, the container will last longer for an extra small dog than it would for a large dog. For example, a dog weighing less than twenty-five pounds may need one capsule a day, while one weighing over seventy-five pounds may need three capsules a day.

Tasty Pet Treats to Keep Pets Happy

Everyone loves snacks, dogs and cats included. Every pet owner should have a stash of treats on hand. Treats are great for rewarding good behavior, assisting in training, and for pets to enjoy between meals.

Dog’s love snacking on Gnawtlers. What is a Gnawtler? A Gnawtler is a treat made from a deer or elk antler. They are shaped like an antler and are perfect for dogs that like to chew on things. These treats come in handy for teething puppies, anxious dogs, bored dogs, assisting in destructive pet behaviors, aggressive chewers, strengthening teeth, and for dogs with sensitive teeth.

One Can Never Have Enough Toys

Everyone, especially pets, loves toys. Welcome the new pet into the family by having a stack of fun toys for them to play with. Toys keep a pet from getting bored and can give them something to chew on and interact with. Buy toys for the yard, the living room, their crate, the car, and more. One can never have enough toys!

There are toys on the market that squeak, crinkle, ring, and more. Some toys roll, while other toys’ job is just to allow the pet to chew on them. When shopping for toys, make sure that they are not too small, as small toys can be a choking hazard. A good rule to go by when shopping for pet toys is that all toys need to be too large to fit through a toilet paper tube.

Adopting a new pet is an exciting time. Owning a pet brings on fun new adventures and adds a new fur baby to the family. Be sure to stock up on the pet goodies above so that the family has everything they need for their new loved one.

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