POS Systems: The Different Types You Need To Know And Why You Need One

A point of sale machine, popularly known as a POS machine is a useful tool for every business. This machine functions as an electronic cash register and can facilitate effective management for your business. There are various types of POS systems which you can pick from, and we would be talking about some of them.

Types of POS Systems

1. On-Premise POS System

This type of POS machine is an old method used in offering the point of sale services to an end-user. The On-Premise point of sale system requires an installation of the POS software on a server that runs within your store. When the point of sale software is installed on the server, your staff can now have the required access to the software from a device that looks like a desktop computer.

Also, a big touch screen monitor usually fixes in walls can be used in accessing the point of sale software. According to POSQuote, this type of POS system is typically expensive, and you always have to be at your store before you can have the required access. The On-Premise POS System rarely has the customer support you might need.

2. The Mobile Point of Sale System – mPOS

The mobile point of sale system is a type of POS system that runs in the clouds. This type of point of sale system is good and has higher mobility, while still providing you with reliable hardware that can last for up to seven years of continuous usage. This type of point of sale system combines all the benefits of a Cloud-Based POS system which we would talk about below.

3. The Cloud-Based Point of Sale System

This is just another type of various types of POS systems. The Cloud-Based point of sale system is a good type of POS systems with so many advantages that you might consider choosing it. This type of POS system is available anywhere and can be accessed from wherever you may be.

It is quite affordable as you get to pay some monthly subscription fee for a lower amount than paying huge upfront sums as you would have it in some other types of POS system. This system is easy to use and manage, and you get the new features added each month as you renew your subscription package. This type of POS system has a very good support system, and you might want to try it for just the support it offers.

4. Terminal Point of Sale System

These types of POS systems are what you see on a cashier’s table in stores and small firms. These systems need both the hardware and the software component to run. It usually requires some access to the internet, and most of them do use cloud-based software. This type of POS systems is often sold at a one-time purchase charge, and they have good customer support. With the terminal point of sale system, employee’s internet access can be restricted to run only the point of sale software.

Why You Need A Point of Sale System

The number one reason you should begin using a POS system if you are not already making use of one is the fact that it saves a whole lot of time. If you do not know yet, a POS machine is another form of a computer, and computers are known for being fast and accurate. With a point of sale system, you can do tasks faster, accurately and without errors.

The POS machine does a good job at eliminating errors that would have been made if data was being processed manually. POS systems and merchant services also offer small business owners with a good CRM, this can help you keep up with each customer’s contact information.

A very good point of sale machine can also email receipt to customers without having you initiate the action. With a POS machine, you can know what each customer is interested in by reviewing the product they tend to buy frequently. With this info, you can keep them attracted to your store by offering certain points and discounts on the particular product they buy often.

In addition, choosing from any of the various types of POS systems is just perfect for small businesses. You don’t have to keep track of books and papers any longer. You don’t have to write down orders and sales made. Your point of sale system does all that for you, and this again could help you save your time.

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