Poker Can Teach Time Management and Prioritization

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Poker is a fabulous card game with a multitude of moving parts, ever-changing dynamics, and a series of exciting events. The game relies on a lot of time management structures and in order to succeed the very best players have pre-defined goals set for their play sessions. So how can these attributes help you both at and away from those online poker sites?

Acting with Patience

The phrase, ‘to act like a bull in a China shop’ refers to someone rushing into an activity or process, usually lacking any kind of thought-out or structured plan. Poker as a game does not reward such activity. That’s why you’ll very rarely see someone go all-in on the first-hand. Everyone at the table will be confused and think the player doing so is a bit of a jackass and quite possibly, inexperienced at poker.

Patience is the order of the day, as it is every day if you decide to click here to find the best online poker sites today. It will allow you more time to assess the landscape of the game and assess how your opponents are going to play the game.

There are multiple situations in life where a good level of patience is also beneficial. Whether it’s waiting in line at the store at the checkout without grumbling or allowing someone ample time to reply to your last email, a grace period goes a long way.

Seizing the Moment when it Presents Itself

While the above notion of being patient carries a lot of weight in poker, that doesn’t mean you can sit on your hands throughout the entirety of a poker game. While being patient, you’ve got to be sniffing out opportunities to strike.

Whether it’s an opponent coming off a bad beat and entering tilt or whether you know how your opponents will (after enough observation time) there will come a time at every table when you need to strike.

‘Real life’ also has such instances too. Whether it’s finally expressing your true feelings for that person you’ve been dating for many months now or having the gumption to look for another job after stagnating in your current role, it’s important to seize opportunities with both hands.

Understanding the Social Clock

Poker is played at a variety of different speeds. While there are sometimes play clocks in place to discourage excessive time being taken, no tournament or venue wants to have to install or use them. Therefore, it’s important that as a poker player, you take note of the social etiquette when everyone is playing.

If everyone is acting pretty quickly, then it wouldn’t hurt to speed up your actions (not to your own detriment, however) a little bit. Or if the game is very relaxed and methodical, then feel free to take more time over your call. Online poker differs a bit as there are fewer social aspects and more of a ‘let’s play poker already’ vibe about it.

This action can help you throughout multiple social situations. For example, if you’re at a dinner party and everyone is bonding exceptionally well over the starting or grazing plate, it might not be suitable to force a huge main course down their throats at break-neck speed, when it’s not at that pace.

By comparison, if you’re at a bar and you’re the last one still drinking given that everyone else wants to move to another venue – then it’s time to pick up the pace. Of course, if you’re not comfortable doing that maybe it’s time to go home irrespective of the next bar.

Priority Settings

Poker can also teach a wealth of lessons about setting goals and priorities. More experienced players (which you will be soon enough!) have set goals that they would like to achieve within a session.

People who do this religiously are often regarded as ‘grinders’. These people have strict priorities to amass a bankroll target within specific parameters. They can balance long-term and short-term goals to achieve their overarching objectives.

The same theories and practices can be used throughout a range of life situations. Whether you are studying, you might need to set priorities regarding the time you dedicate to each subject. Or if you’re training at the gym priorities might need to be in place so that you can fulfill your ultimate fitness desires.

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