Playtech Takes a Shot at American Dad

The cash cows of the gambling industry, have always been favored over other casino games by a vast majority of players. We have the wonders of the internet and digital technology to thank to for the amazing diversity of online slots available today. With such overabundance, the market becomes quickly saturated with product, which inevitably leads to higher standards and players demanding bigger, better and more interesting games. Playtech found a great way to meet the expectations by looking into popular media for inspiration. They have a range of themed releases, and the latest such hype taking over the community is their brand new American Dad slot.

Republicans, Aliens and Desperate Housewives

Launching in 2005 on Fox network, American Dad was well-received by the audience, riding on the coattails of the creator Set McFarlane’s previous hit sitcom, Family Guy. The animated series follows an eccentric family of six on their everyday adventures in a fictional town of Langley Falls, Virginia. Striking a fine balance between the absurd and relatable, the show offers a humorous perspective on four individuals representing certain stereotypes prevalent in today’s society.

Stan Smith, the father, is a paranoid CIA agent obsessed with national security and terrorism; Francine Smith is a homemaker seemingly content with her role of a trophy wife; their daughter Hayley is a liberal, open-minded young woman; their son Steve is a typical awkward teenager. Like its sister series, American Dad also features the inevitable talking pets: Roger, a malevolent extraterrestrial living with the family, and Klaus, a goldfish with the consciousness of a deceased German athlete.
Playtech did a great job incarnating the show’s authentic vibe in the reels of their latest slot release. To create an immersive experience for the fans, the developers used the same animation style, complete with generic sitcom music which works great in this particular setting. Complete with their quirky personalities, all six characters appear on the screen and serve as triggers for several fun bonus features, appropriately themed after their well-known mischiefs. Someone outside of the circle of fans might not appreciate the features fully, as you do need to be familiar with the plot to get a good laugh from the slot.

Themed Features

Roger’s Random Wilds becomes just another bonus unless you know all about his alcohol-induced exploits. Just like in the show, he will occasionally pop up wearing his silly wig on, and vomit random wild symbols all over the place. We are all painfully aware that Klaus has a thing for Francine. Being a fish, his advances are regularly rejected, despite his cute accent and strangely sensible reasoning. If you ever felt sorry for the poor soul, here’s your chance to help him finally reach Francine’s Holy Grail. Just wait for her to land on Klaus’s fish bowl and turn into an expanding wild.
Stan and his magnificent chin cannot fail to make an impression on us. Not surprisingly, he appears wearing only his underwear and socks, dancing the win away with a smug smile on his face. When you see Stan making an entrance, prepare to get stacked the American way.
Hayley looks bored as ever, but her eyes light up at the sight of her husband, Jeff. In the midst of collecting her Progressive Multipliers, you’ll probably wonder about their curious marriage, Jeff’s suspicious absence and her strange choice to keep living under the same roof with the rest of her crazy family. Wheels and the Legman is one of those strange subplots which somehow turns out to be one of the show’s most memorable moments.

It’s where Steve and Roger play out the good cop/bad cop scenario in the spirit of the 70’s, arguing who’s going to be in a wheelchair and who the legman. Why? Don’t ask; it’s one of those things you can’t really explain away with logic. You’ll see the two of them chasing across the screen, leaving a trail of wilds in their wake.

Fast-Paced Game Promising Lots of Action

Themed releases are Playtech’s specialty. After the Gladiator slot, they’ve learned that favorite movies and sitcoms not only save them the trouble of coming up with something new to present to players but also seem to generate more interest than other, common slots. It’s a proven strategy, and we are not complaining, as the studio seems to always hit the nail on the head with these games. American Dad is still fresh from the workshop, so we’ll have to give it a little more time to win over the hearts and wallets of gamblers worldwide.

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