Is The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Really Worth The Upgrade?

Sony is all set to release its latest video game console- the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro on November 10. With just a few weeks left for the launch, the rumor mills have been churning speculations at a top speed. Most reports indicate that the PS4 Pro, priced at $400, is mainly aimed at high-end consumers keen to unlock new levels in gaming. So is it worth buying the new console?

We have analyzed the pros and cons and come up with a comprehensive list of reasons that will help make you an informed choice about the PS4 Pro. Let’s look at the positives first:

You Own a 4K TV

If you already own a 4K television set, buying the Playstation 4 Pro makes great sense as you will be able to play your games in crystal sharp 4K resolution. There is a massive jump in image quality improvement and shelling out those 400 bucks will prove to be a great value for money. If you don’t have a 4K TV, don’t bother.

You Are a VR Aficionado

Playstation introduces their line of VR gear.

There is no denying that playing video games in virtual reality mode is immensely satisfying, especially if the VR quality is top grade. Though Sony hasn’t made an outright claim that standard games would play much better in terms of frame-rate, but they did say that the VR experience would be much smoother.

The steady frame rates will make furious action sequences much easier to handle and also keep your nausea in check. If you are someone who loves playing VR games, the PS4 Pro is definitely your product.

You Haven’t Purchased a PS4 Yet

The PS4 has been sold massively around the world, with more than 40 million sets being sold globally. However, there has been a substantial chunk of the gaming population which has not yet invested in the console, maybe because of the steep price during the time of launch or popularity of other consoles like the XBox One. There are many who still have their PS3s. If you are ready to make the plunge into the PlayStation ecosystem and have made corresponding investments in other high-end hardware, buying a PS4 Pro is something that you would want to.

You Want To Buy a Future-Proof Product

The future of television and gaming undoubtedly lies in 4K and VR. You may not have a 4k TV currently, but with the shifting trend and rising popularity, sooner or later you will be owning one. Consider it similar to the rise of smartphones. When they were launched over a decade back, only a few upscale individuals could afford them.

PlayStation 4 (PS4) console and controller in black.

Now, it is rare to see people living even in shanties flaunting a basic phone. Many people like to buy a future-proof product and experience advanced technology right from the inception. If you are among those, then a PS4 Pro is your sure bet to move ahead in case you have enough bucks to spend.

Access to Sony Exclusives

An important and compelling argument to buy the PS4 Pro is the release of a number of PS4 exclusives in the coming future- various exciting titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human and God Of War. The PS4 Pro is likely to be the preferred platform for these games and if you go through the trailers and gameplay of the mentioned titles, you will agree that investing in the Pro will be a very satisfying decision.

Box of the PS4 Pro available to purchase.

Now that we have stated the good stuff, it is time to look at the cons and the reasons why a PS4 Pro might not be exactly be the console that you are looking for right now:

Is the performance going to be way better? Not really

Before gushing like an awestruck fan, let’s not forget the fact that Sony hasn’t highlighted in the promos that the performance would be a lot better than the standard PS4. The console boasts specs that supposedly make it twice as powerful as the standard version, but most of this power is used for 4K conversion and not at providing a steady 1080p/60fps experience. Those who are satisfied with their current consoles and are not dying to play 4k stuff, there really isn’t any need to buy the Pro.

PS4 price cut

As the trend goes with the launch of new models, the standard Playstation 4 has received a price cut, apart from getting a redesign. The new PS4 costs only $299, compared to the monstrous $400 price tag for the Pro. Is there any added value to dole out an extra 100 bucks? Nope. The standard version offers great technology at a much lower price.

Only 30 games have PS4 Pro support as of now

Currently, only 30 titles, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and Rise Of The Tomb Raider, as well as Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn, have PS4 Pro support. Though it might seem to be a decent figure, we need to keep in mind that no game purchased before 2016 has an update patch for the Pro, and this includes heavy league players like Destiny and The Witcher 3. This indicates skepticism among developers on how to deal with the new gaming rig and players won’t also be too keen to find an alarming lack of good, playing titles.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Coming To The Playstation 4 Pro

Backwards Compatibility

If you are a PS4 gamer and fear that you won’t be able to access the best gaming experience with the launch of the Pro, you need not worry, because all future games will have backwards compatibility. That means all games will be available to play on the standard version, so is there any haste to jump to the newer console? No. Remember that the Pro’s USP is more pixels and 4k viewing, and not better performance.

Expensive 4K TV Sets

This is a point worth stressing on repeatedly, because ultimately money is an important factor in making a fruitful buying decision. It may well be worth it if you already own a 4K tv, but if you don’t, then take note that a good, compatible set will set you poorer by $1000 or more. On top of that, an additional 400 for the Pro. That sound like way too much to play a game! So if you are not wallowing in dollars like Uncle Scrooge, your current Playstation 4 is a good choice to enjoy the best of gaming.

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