Performance Enhancements In Automobiles: All You Need To Know

Performance enhancements, commonly known as car mods or car tuning, are various equipment or designs incorporated into a car to improve its efficiency by reducing weight and increasing horsepower or fuel injection. Different automobile parts from authentic dealers, like Subaru genuine parts of car supplies, help achieve the fine-tuning of such performance issues to suit the customer’s needs.

Things to keep in mind before tuning the car:

An automobile is a complicated machine that runs smoothly based on engineering and physical laws. Any slight change could lead to a breakdown or malfunction of various engine performances. So keep in mind these points before changing the parameters of an engine.

  • Don’t remove any necessary sensors or data tracking systems that allow fuel and other data to be stored or recorded. Removing such data can hinder an engine’s performance and lead to fuel wastage as engines make necessary fuel quantity calculations based on sensor readings.
  • Don’t remove any safety equipment for the sake of reducing weight and increasing horsepower. One must keep airbags and crossbar frames that protect the car and the driver from fatal crashes as they are. Safety should be a priority for the user.
  • Don’t buy a mod just because it looks good. One must ensure to do proper research before fitting a mod into a car. Most mods are just for show and won’t make much improvement in the performance of an engine. Most of the time, it’ll do quite the opposite.
  • Check for company parameters before changing the specifics. Most sensors or parts have a parameter or specification range. Any change in this range, more or less, can cause irregularities that can lead to damage or decreased engine performance.

These are the things a customer can do that will improve engine performance

1. Improve Fuel Consumption: The only way for an engine to gain more power is to improve fuel consumption. The more the fuel consumed, the more will be the power developed. Various parts that can do this include superchargers, turbochargers, and air filters that increase the amount of oxygen going into the tank and allow more fuel to burn. One could also install temperature reduction kits, which help reduce incoming air temperature and provide an ambient temperature to improve fuel burning. Installing sensors and fuel kits also allow more fuel consumption since an onboard computer will allow only a standard fuel amount inside. 

These integrated computer chips enable the customer to change the company standard’s parameters and make the sensor inject more fuel for consumption. Providing better exhausts improves the engine’s breathing capability, taking in more air to create better fuel oxidation and increase power generation.

2. Reduce Weight: The best way to increase horsepower in a vehicle is to reduce the weight. More weight means more fuel consumption for the same distance. The only way to reduce weight is to replace wheels with lightweight, strong alloys, remove unnecessary car frames.

3. Better Handling: Changing the suspension system and loosening the springs to a degree allows the driver to handle the vehicle better. Tires can also play a role and buying the right tires (either summer or winter tires) for the right occasion can create much better performance for the vehicle. Steering racks with quick ratio turning and braking systems with improved braking capability also improve the engine’s handling. In the article titled, what are Coilovers? discusses how do coil overs work and how they have a direct impact on the handling of a vehicle.

Among other parts that one buys are light and sometimes add-on designs. Neon light, paint jobs and cool designs on the vehicle will look better and last longer. Make sure to buy authentic parts from licensed dealers, like Subaru genuine parts suppliers, to get better quality car mods. Car tuning is a usual hobby among automotive enthusiasts and most love tinkering with the engine. As long as one follows safety regulations, there is nothing wrong with wanting a little more power and performance from the same machine.

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