Penile Implants: Which Type Is Right For You?

Amongst treatments for erectile dysfunction, penile implants are an option for those who wish to achieve an erection without other medical treatments, when drug or pump treatments are not an option, or when other medical treatments prove ineffective. 

The two main types of penile implants, inflatable and semirigid, each have various advantages and disadvantages that set them apart from the other. 

Before you consider this surgical procedure to correct erectile dysfunction, understand the key differences in penile implants so you can make an informed choice for you and your sex life.  

Why Penile Implants?

Penile implants are often preferable to drug treatments because they still allow a certain level of spontaneity, it’s simpler to predict and control how long the erection will last, they’re simple to operate, and they provide a firm and reliable erection without complicated user intervention as frequently as desired. 

These devices are also preferable because they do not alter the fundamental shape, size, or sensations of the penis. But if you are interested in growing the size of your penis, then you should check out proextender review. While penile implants facilitate an erection, they do not function as a complete replacement and solution for problems with sexual desire and arousal, and they are not intended for those whose erectile dysfunction may be reversible or situational or those who have moderate to severe diabetes. 

Inflatable Prosthesis Implant

The most common penile implant Sydney option is also simple and easy to use. Inflatable implants are made of up cylinders inserted into the shaft of the penis that can be inflated or deflated using a fluid reservoir placed in the scrotum or abdomen that is operated by a pump that is placed in the scrotum. These implants produce a natural-feeling erection that can be pumped on demand and released at the conclusion of sexual activity. 

Inflatable implants come in two primary types, each with pros and cons. 

Two-Piece Inflatable Implant

Though it provides a slightly softer erection than a three-piece implant, the two-piece inflatable implant has fewer parts that would be affected should a defect or malfunction arise. The fluid reservoir in these implants is located in the scrotum with the pump, which makes the surgical process also less invasive. 

Three-Piece Inflatable Implant

These implants, like their two-piece counterparts, use a saline reservoir for inflation, but it is placed in the abdomen instead of in the scrotum. These erections feel the most natural and rigid when compared to other implant options, but the surgical process is more intensive as it requires additional considerations and methods to place the reservoir. 

Inflatable implants are excellent options for those who desire an erection that can be deflated so the penis can return to a soft and flaccid state in between sexual encounters. These devices can also be outfitted with antibiotic coatings, and are an ideal choice for the majority of people with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. The erection can be sustained for as long as you choose and deflate with the touch of a valve button to release the fluid back into the reservoir when you’re ready. 

Semi-Rigid Implant

The semi-rigid implant option is ideal for those who need an easy-to-operate method for achieving an erection. A semi-rigid implant is simply a semi-malleable rod that is placed inside of the penis to make the organ partially firm at all times. The device can be bent upwards or downwards for sex, and can easily be concealed by clothing the rest of the time. 

This implant is the least expensive and easiest penile implant to use. Semi-rigid implants may either be implanted as one continuous piece or as a multi-piece rod consisting of several segments. Because the rods are always present and don’t require much manual or mental energy to operate, they’re well-suited for those who may have limited mobility or dexterity. 

These implants can be uncomfortable at times, however, as they cause the penis to be rigid all of the time. Still, semi-rigid implants are beneficial for people who require an implant that is less likely to malfunction and simple to use. 


Penile implant procedures require surgical techniques, but it can be completed as an outpatient procedure with only a few weeks of healing time. Your implant will be completely obscured and unknown to those outside of your bedroom, so you can enjoy the benefits, freedoms, and advantages of whatever implant you choose as soon as your doctor clears you to do so. 

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