Paper Bags Could Benefit Your Business

As shopping recovers after Covid, people’s patterns have changed to include much more online shopping. With many shops closing up and the demand for a variety of products shifting online, only sustainable and stylish local shops managed to stay afloat. Add to that the expenses spent on the packaging for customers, with the need to turn to more sustainable packaging in the coming years. Using brown kraft paper bags as an eco-friendly packaging option is a great idea. 

Fulfilling this growing need for sustainable packaging options in the new year can show that your customers are valued. It doesn’t matter whether one owns an e-commerce store, Instagram store, or that of a high-street retail store; these modes of packaging can help build trust with customers is desirable.

So, let’s talk more about these brown paper gift bags in this article.

Different Types of Paper Packaging

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  • Folded Brown Kraft Paper Bags – You may have seen plenty of kraft paper bags with handles already in use. These folded brown bags can be bought plain and on wholesale as well. They also have classic designs that work wonderfully with loads of different aesthetics when it comes to prints and logos.  
  • Luxury Laminate Paper Bags – The laminate on these bags makes the packaging look luxurious while still being affordable. You could customize these luxury laminate paper bags with your company branding. The lamination also adds great strength to the bag and protects the product for each of their customers. 
  • Wholesale Paper Bags – Simple and basic wholesale paper bags are by far the most affordable yet sustainable bags available in the market. They are perfect for those in the food outlets, looking for a way to expand the business from at-store service to takeaway options. If you are looking for large quantities of packaging options, the humble wholesale bag is a great option to have.

Why Use Paper Bags?

man walking down the street with a brown paper bag
  • They are easier to recycle – They are far easier to recycle than plastic bags. They help the consumer to reduce the amount of waste production. It also reduces the carbon footprint created during the recycling process. 
  • They are sustainable packaging for supermarkets – As brown kraft bags are made using replenishable natural resources, unlike their plastic counterparts – They encourage customers to shop responsibly and dispose off the bags or recycle them for further use. 
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