How to Quickly Become a Teacher With an Online Teacher Certification Program

an online teacher certification program can jumpstart your teaching career.
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Teachers are always in high demand because of the value they bring. Teaching provides a beautiful opportunity to change lives and make a real difference. It allows you to positively impact the next generation and nurture greatness. 

It is an enriching profession that allows you to connect with young minds and bring happiness. Teachers are role models, advisors, and cheerleaders, encouraging and guiding young ones to pursue their dreams. 

Being a teacher opens you up to many unique experiences as you interact with kids from different families. It helps you develop patience, empathy, and kindness. It equips you for not just life in the classroom but life in general. 

Luckily, the path to becoming a teacher is now easier. You can start your journey to a fulfilling teaching career today with an online teacher certification program. Here are 6 steps to quickly becoming a teacher with an online teacher certification program. 

1. Get Your Bachelor’s Degree

To start your journey to becoming a teacher, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. This can be in any discipline. Without a bachelor’s degree, you would need to go through the traditional route of earning a degree in education to become a teacher. 

However, with a bachelor’s degree, online graduate courses for teachers are what you need to get started. You do not need to have any prior teaching experience or credentials. Once you can earn the requisite graduate credits for teachers, you are good to go. 

2. Enroll in a Teaching Certification Program

This is the next step in your journey to becoming a teacher. There are many great online courses for teachers to get you started. However, you must make sure that the one you select is accredited and that the curriculum is right for you. 

You should also make sure that you’re choosing a field that aligns with your interests and passions. Are you interested in teaching preschoolers, elementary school children, or high schoolers? Is your passion helping teens or teaching disadvantaged children? 

You must consider all these before choosing any online graduate courses for teachers. You should also consider program flexibility and affordability. All of these will help ensure that you have a smooth time preparing to take on your new role. 

3. Complete the Curriculum

The core curriculum of the online teaching course you choose will ensure that you are equipped with all the knowledge that you need to impart and influence the next generation. You’ll learn about everything, from core pedagogical approaches to managing your classroom. 

A good online teacher certification program will allow you to earn the required graduate credits for teachers at your own pace and time. This means that you can continue to work full-time, take care of your kids, or engage in other activities while you study. 

You can finish your core curriculum in as little as 5 months, depending on how much time you’re devoting weekly. So how fast you can become a teacher is all up to you. 

4. Add a Valuable Clinical Placement Experience

Once you have completed your core curriculum, the next stage is to get some practical experience. To advance your journey to becoming a teacher, you need to take all that you have learned and put it into practice in a real-life classroom. 

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This clinical placement is mandatory to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared. Where you complete your clinical placement and the duration will depend on the program you enrolled in. During this clinical teaching experience, you’ll be able to get a feel of what teaching in a classroom looks like and gain insights into how to handle a classroom setting. 

This clinical placement can also be an opportunity to land your first job. So make sure that you make an excellent impression. Ask a lot of questions, connect with faculty and staff, and learn everything you can. If they find your contributions valuable during your stay, you can get hired. 

You can complete your clinical placement in as little as three months to one year. And be one step closer to starting your teaching career. 

5. Apply for State License

Now that your studies and clinical placement have been completed, you will need to get a teaching license. Depending on the state where you reside or intend to work, you will need to pass the state-required certification exams. Then you apply for your license. The license is what makes you officially certified to start teaching. 

The license is usually valid for a period of one to five years. After which, you will have to make plans to renew it. You will have to earn teacher recertification credits for this although, the specific course work and requirements for renewal of a teaching license may vary from one state to another. 

6. Start Applying for Teaching Positions 

Once you have been licensed, you are fully ready to kickstart your teaching career. Qualified teachers are in high demand, so you will find it easy to get a good and rewarding job. Make sure that you only settle for a position that is a right fit for your interests and the skills, and the training you have acquired. 

Clean up your resume. Make sure to highlight those skills and experiences that make you qualified. During interviews with prospective schools, make sure to speak confidently about your passion for teaching. 

Highlight specific aspects of your personality, skills, training, and field experiences that stand out. And that makes you a perfect fit for the position to which you’re applying. Remember to ask questions and be friendly. If you’re going to be working with kids, your demeanor needs to be pleasant. 

Finally, do not settle for just any school because you’re eager to get a job. Make sure to choose a school that feels right for you. 


Teaching can be a very fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding career. And thankfully, it doesn’t take so much to get your teaching career started anymore. Once you have your bachelor’s degree in hand, there are many different online courses for teachers. They can help you earn the required credits and get started. 

Make sure to choose a program that is right for you and will equip you with the knowledge you need to start molding lives. With so many flexible online teacher certification programs available, you can complete your curriculum in a few months, at your own schedule. 

The mandatory clinical placement will help you add practical experience to all that you have learned. This will ensure that you are ready to take on an actual classroom. Getting your teacher’s license might take a little while because of the bureaucratic processes involved. But once you have it, you are finally ready to begin applying for teaching positions.

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