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Casino slot games are no different from the real slot machine games that you find in various physical casinos. Online casinos have slot games, all of which revolve around different themes like the beach, holidays spent on scenic locations, or somewhere warm and sunny.

When searching for online games that are worth trying, check out Beach Life Slots. By its name, we can sense an exciting experience filled with fun the same way spending our holidays on the beach would make any vacation fun.

Beach Life slots is a progressive slot game with retro progressive slots and a big and progressive jackpot prize that encourages its players to play the game to further increase their chances of winning the Beach Life slot prize.

This is a fun game that is guaranteed to bring you fun even when the weather is not bright and sunny outside and you are stuck in your room. Beach Life slots is themed around spending your day at the beach or the seaside, and it is a game that can even make you forget about gloomy weather.

Its graphics are not up to date, but this only enhances its retro appeal together with its bright colors and cartoonish symbols. Despite its simple graphics, Beach Life Slots has become very popular among online casinos, with most of them having this game to attract more players. Keep reading to find out why.

How to Play the Game

With only one coin you can start playingBeach life slots. If you want to hit the progressive jackpot, you can bet up to a maximum of 20 coins. That’s the maximum as it has 20-payline slots.
This is how you start playing the slot game. With five reels to play, you start placing your bets on its 20-payline slot with the minimum coin size of 5p and 50p for the maximum.

Once you have decided on your bet size all you have to do is go for the spin. When they come to a halt, a combination of symbols (food like ice cream, ice lollies, a surfer, a snorkeler or a lady sunbathing) including standard symbols and a wild symbol, which is the sandcastle that any three of them has to match.

The sandcastle can take the place of any other symbol to make a winning combination. If you happen to get two or more scatteredsymbols you earn an additional prize. Getting at least three sunken treasure chests entitles you to a bonus game, and for each of them you have the privilege to choose what prize you get.

Your winnings will be added to your balance. If not, you can play the game again. There are no free spins in this game. However, its payout can reach up to £1 million or even millions more. Back in 2012, a player from South Africa was able to rake in $8, 211, 861 by playing Beach Life Slots.

The bonus round gives the player a more beach-like experience with the chirping of the birds and waves lapping on the shore along with fast-paced music in the background.


As mentioned earlier, the game has a progressive jackpot prize which could possibly make you the winner of one of the biggest prizes in the online gambling world. Playing Beach Life slots is enormously exciting with high payouts. One can win up to 500 coins, which is worth $250 with a combination of 5 snorkelers or having 500x more of their overall bets with five sandcastle symbols that can be found anywhere on the reels.

The wild symbol, which is the sun, is a substitute for all other symbols and this can help you win prizes as well. It can even help you win at least 100,000 coins, which is equivalent to $50,000 once you hit five on the same payline.

Now, if you happen to be playing 20 paylines and hit the wild sun on the 20th, you will then win the progressive jackpot prize. This sounds amazing, but you will never get the chance to find a large jackpot prize like Beach Life has with any casino in the world!

While it sounds precarious as it rarely gives payouts, Beach Life slotscan be a lucrative game once you get a prize! You can learn more about Beach Life by clicking on the UK Online Slots website.

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