Never Lose Data Again When You Use Stellar Data Recovery

Delivering a major project or assignment is stressful enough, having to worry about losing data should never add to the struggle. Yet, it happens time and time again. The image you needed, the document you saved or the video segment that is key to finishing the order has someone been deleted, corrupted or otherwise erased. The question shouldn’t be, how do I prevent this from happening because that human error will always prevail but instead one should ask, how do I recover the all-important data I just lost.

Luckily, there is software that can help you never stress about lost data again. Stellar Data Recovery is a state-of-the-art program which can recover files from your PC, Laptop, hard drive, and usb. There is even currently a Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition you can download and use now.

What To Expect

The software recovers all major file types and formats, offering key benefits as follows:

  • Restores back hundreds of file formats 
  • Recovers photos, videos, documents, & more
  • Retrieves specific files by file name and type
  • Get back data from corrupt or malware-infected drive
  • Recovers data from internal hard drive and SSD
  • Supports USB storage media and SD cards
  • Facilitates recovery of files from RAW partitions

One of the absolute craziest aspects of this software is all this is available for free.

Recover Your Data In 3-steps

Stellar free data recovery software is the best if you’re looking for an easy way to get back your data from any Windows device or storage media. After you launch the software, select the storage drive & file type (if you wish), scan the drive, and save the recovered files.

This is one of the fastest and most stress-free ways to ensure you never preeminently lose important files, documents, and photos.

Recover From BitLocker® Encrypted Drive

The tool can retrieve the data lost or deleted data from BitLocker encrypted drive. All you have to do is enter BitLocker decryption key and then run the software to scan the decrypted media. It will get back your lost data from encrypted drive just like with any ordinary drive.

This is a huge benefit for anyone working on encrypted devices where losing data can be the difference between keeping and losing your job. And yes, all of this is offered for free. In fact, the software can recover up to 1GB of lost data for absolutely no cost. This is an incredible offer.

Restore Files From Corrupted Volume

Unable to access a drive or partition on Windows, & getting message prompt asking you to format the drive? Don’t format it yet! The drive has turned ‘RAW’, likely due to a damaged or corrupted file system. First, install the software & recover the data. Only then proceed with formatting to avoid data loss from such damaged partitions.

If You Choose To Pay

You might think that the free version of this software is as powerful as a recovery program you may ever need but don’t underestimate the ability of your pc to delete or corrupt items you wish you could recover.

Recover Data From Crashed System

The software can also recover data stored on a crashed or unbootable Windows PC. It offers to create bootable USB recovery media to access crashed systems and allow data recovery. This capability is available in Professional, Premium, Technician, and Toolkit variants of the software.

Data Recovery from 4K Hard Drives

The software recovers data from 4K hard drives that store the data on large-sized sectors of 4096 bytes. As a user, you get a more robust and advanced data recovery tool for conventional and modern 4K hard drives. In addition, Stellar data recovery software supports the 4K drives formatted with FAT32, ExFAT, and NTFS file systems.


Nothing can ruin a night of working on your computer more than losing important data. Now you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to recover your data. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition is more than powerful enough to help you get back on track.

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