Microsoft Office 2019: What’s In-store?

Since we reside in an era of technology, it is not only vital but also inevitable to stay up-to-date with the latest tech and gigs. The newest top-of-the-game development has been the office 2k19, which offers you a range of features that you can benefit from. Whether it be your workplace or your research projects, the office 2019 professional plus and windows 10 professional will be your go-to. 

So, let’s explore some of the advantages that are accompanied by this installment.


Though MS office offers you all the tools that you can need to arrange your data, there is still always room for improvements. So the 2019 version will offer you the following set of features.

Publisher, Outlook, and Access

We do know the usual classics that are offered by the office, right? However, the 2019 version will also let you have the above three tools in addition to the old ones. A one time purchase will allow you to use all of these tools for a lifetime! So wherever your PC is, at home or your work, you can use it and enjoy the range of options.

Change in theme

The more we advance in the world of technology, the more we rely on them. So much that we spend most of our time staring at a screen, doesn’t matter what app we are using. 

Under such circumstances, we ought to be watchful of the strain we are putting on our eyes. It is not advisable to continue to let the white backgrounds of the screen pierce your gaze.

Therefore, office 2019 will let you change the theme on your windows. All you have to do is access the drop-down menu on the option “file” and choose the theme that you like. 

Modified types of charts

We need to be decent managers in every field of life. It isn’t even about just data management. However, data management is something we need to strictly monitor because every little entry is of immense value. The 2019 version offers you new and improved templates that will make data management a lot easier.

You wouldn’t even have to make the categories yourself. The sheets have been embedded with pre-existing categorization so that you manage to get a better insight into them. 

PowerPoint zoom

Some meetings need to be conduction via online platforms. And as we know, it is difficult to have interaction-based meetings if you are holding them online, since the environment isn’t tangible and you would face difficulties presenting your data. 

Often, when you are on your gadget and at a meeting, you can either be on your zoom screen or your PowerPoint presentation. But the good thing about the latest features is that you get the PowerPoint zoom option. 

This means that you can create, edit, and present your slides and you would not even have to leave your presentation mode on zoom for that. If you attend many online meetings, this will be a convenient addition to your schedule. 


If you want the attention of the person that you wish to communicate with, then you can mention them by putting a @ at the beginning of their name. This way, they will be notified about your message, increasing the likelihood of them responding. 


First of all, you can install this version of MS office only on a PC that has windows 10 operating on it. 

Microsoft support operates for free during the first sixty days only. There are no additional charges that you have to pay for that. However, if you wish to make use of the Microsoft support beyond 60 days, you would have to pay to keep it. 

The purchase is only one time; that means that if your PC is damaged or is not working anymore, you would have to purchase the office all over again.

Whenever you buy the MS Office, you will get the product activation key. You will have to enter it in your MS Office tools to make sure that your systems start running.

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