Leading Technology Trends In 2021

It is rather fascinating to see what we have achieved in the past few decades. Think about it, it took over 2000 years to develop something as basic as a horse carriage, and only 40 to master the aircraft. How many do you think it will take to conquer other planets? 

The 21st century has made advancements in technology by leaps and bounds, and it does not seem to stop (for the better). With every new advancement in tech, we can’t help but stare in awe and wonder “how did that happen?”

On that note, here are a few leading technological trends that you most definitely should keep an eye out for. 

Space Travel

The Sci-Fi lover’s dream is slowly but surely coming true. What folks even as much as two decades ago thought was impossible is being made possible with each passing day. Yes, commercial space travel, albeit in its early stages, is becoming a thing. 

With the big players like Jeff Bezos stepping into the game actively, you can expect a massive leap in space travel. Additionally, Elon Musk is on his venture to make renewable rockets a thing—with the idea of propelling humanity into a ‘spacey’ future. 

You can expect commercial space travel to take initiation in great ways within the end of the year itself. Sure, it might sound to be meant for the esoteric few, but in the grander scheme of things, this is a great leap. After all, sustenance of humanity requires it to be a multi-planetary species. 

Data Science

While it might be the youngest kid on the block, data science is bound to be the most quintessential tech element of this decade, if not the century itself. Think about it—the use and broadness of data science and its application is indescribable. 

From marketing to analytics and politics, and even day-to-day activities conducted in educational institutes can be efficiently done with the aid of data science. Want to learn how efficiently work is being done? Data science. Want to gauge the overall mood of the people for greater mental health status during work hours? Data science is here to stay. 

2020 might have appeared to be a rather ominous year, but when you look at the greater aspect of things, data science was shown to be part of a major bloom. Faster and more efficient data packaging algorithms came into being. 

Not only that, every other company is adapting to data science measures, leaving behind obsolete ideas of data management. If you have to bank (pun intended) on a booming tech measure, this would be it. 

Cyber Security 

While this might be one of the oldest prevalent ideas on the list, it has taken major leaps in recent years. The advancements are so great that the last couple of years seem like breakthroughs compared to the ones made in cybersecurity’s rudimentary stages. 

With banking, security, and daily tasks shifting almost entirely to the online environment, security needs to be at its peak, always.  You now need to consider new aspects of security and look at investing in an online privacy service that can keep your digital identity protected. Besides, you would not want to miss out on new breakthrough security tech now, would you?

The range of offerings here is quite significant. Not only do you get the basics like free antivirus protection covered, but some of these offerings have a lot more advanced security measures like the ability to hide your IP, and in some rare cases, they can even detect deepfakes with ML integration!

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

This might sound rather banal, but AI and ML are terms that are thrown around a lot within tech jargon. But here’s the thing—when implemented in the right niches and introduced into the right spheres, it should work wonders—here’s how. 

Think about the times when Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) were being labeled as the next big thing a couple of years ago. Well, their time to shine has come. After all, the big companies have taken to integrating ML (and AI) with their VR standpoints. 

Let’s look at the example of an automotive company. Long gone are the days when designs were crafted by hand and implemented in your ‘real’ world to scale. With the aforementioned tech jargon being implied after intertwining, designs are made on a ‘virtual’ scale and there is no need to articulate it in mould and real dimensions. Such is the power of AI and VR. 

While this is also being spread to other niches of tech, like electronics, home appliances and so on, it is bound to make tech a lot smarter, and therefore, human lives a lot more comfortable. 


If there is anything more fascinating than the aforementioned tech, it is the implementation of the same. Magic might not exist really, but this is as close as you can get. 

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